Do you ask yourself

"Is that all there is?"

You've worked hard all your life.

You’re financially successful.

But you still feel adrift.

And you're still asking yourself, "Where is the meaning in life?"

You don’t know how to uncover the answer.


You've tried books, classes, webinars.

But talking doesn’t get you there.

Have you found them lacking?

Are you ready to try something tried and true?

Christi has a Magical Approach

I bet you're a little bit skeptical.

It isn't REALLY magic. It just seems like it because it works so well.

It's called Sketch Your Life Session.

Sure, you start by talking about a current problem in your life.
While listening to you about your feelings and goals, I use my intuitive artist skills to draw a unique image that brings your subconscious thoughts to the surface so you can find your own answers.

When you see the image you will instantly know what it represents.

With my guidance you will finally understand what is holding you back so you are finally able to move forward to a fulfilled life.

Start now with an

Introductory Wisdom Session

This introductory session will tell us if we're a good match.

Schedule your 30 minute Introductory session with me for just $27.

This session will introduce you to how to Master the Art of Life.

Watch the video to understand more about the session.

Book your Introductory Session with Christi

What Is Mastering the Art of Life?

With decades as a professional artist, art therapist, and transformational life coach, Christi realized that the principles used to create good art are a fun metaphor for creating a great life.

And the best part is - you DON'T need to be an artist. You don't even need to know a thing about art!

She uses those principles to guide you through a proven, effective process to create the life you would love. Think of your life as a work of art – a Masterpiece!

So wherever you are in your life right now, Christi can reveal the secrets to getting from where you are now to where you want to be.

Intuitive Wisdom Sessions

Spend 60 minutes per session with Christi. Sure, you start with talk, but as Christi listens, she creates a CUSTOM drawing using her intuitive wisdom. Then you look at the drawing and gain YOUR OWN insights and answers form the image. Then Christi asks questions to help you reveal deeper insights.

For a comprehensive experience, get a 4-pack of sessions. Clients have been amazed at the insights and results they get!

Introductory Session

Want a taste of an Intuitive Wisdom Session?

Spend 30 minutes with Christi to explore one current concern or problem in your life as she creates a custom image for you and explores it with you.

This is a one-per-customer chance to get a mini-session with Christi to see if you like working with her, and to discover what a session can hold for you.

Journey Beyond the Box

A comprehensive group coaching program that includes weekly recorded lessons, weekly group coaching calls with on-the-spot intuitive drawings by Christi, a digital copy of her book, Beyond the Box; Creative Thinking Expanded.

Clients love the group because it provides insights and exploration beyond concepts as Christi offers practical tools and tips to create the life you would LOVE to live.


Lori Louise

I've been doing Christi's work for a little over a year. I was doing this type of work on my own, but self-guided, and it was hard and pain-staking. Through Christi's program, I felt a real excitement in being able to move forward in my goals at an accelerated pace. I reached my goal of moving to another area much faster than I planned.


I want to share about how amazing Christi's work has been for me. Setting up a plan, 3 months, 3 years, and having the faith to know it can come true.. my husband and I are leaving soon for Cancun, and I saved enough to pay for it in cash! About how my business is taking off, how many clients I'm getting, and living out my dream!


About the Secret Garden Plein Aire Painting Retreat:

We have had the best day painting and doing whatever we want. No artistic skills required. I’ve had the most fun. A day of play… an alchemy of self-care and nourishing and creativity. And I cannot wait to come back!