My Year of Surrender


I call 2016 year My Year of Surrender. One event after another forced me to surrender. At the beginning of the year, my father died. I had to be the one to make the decision that it was the end. And just three days prior, we stood at the bedside of my mother-in-law as she took her last breath.

I knew it was important to grieve. And I let myself do that. I still believed in a Universe that is friendly and expansive. One that is more than I could ever understand.

manhole-one way to surrender

When I was a teenager, I saw a comic strip of a character looking up saying “well at least there’s no where left to fall”… just as he was stepping into a man hole. That’s so often what it felt like back then.

But I am a searcher, and a believer that this Universe is friendly, and for my good. Since then, I have proven this true.

Then in June, I had a knee replacement – my second one. I could have viewed this as stepping into a manhole. But for me, it was a step toward a freer life.


Can we heal things through the power of our mind? Yes, I believe we can, but I also believe that we can heal our selves through the wisdom of others.

This is what I experienced with my first knee replacement, 5 years ago. It felt like a miracle to be able to run with my son, to spend freer time with him, and in my life in general.

This was a year of healing. I continually had to surrender. To say “I don’t know.” And to listen. When I had time to heal more, I was able to move from grief into curiosity. And through that, I feel I moved to a deeper sense of wisdom.


Turning Pain Into Steppingstones

Christi zipliningOne of the important pieces of work I do with my clients is to help them turn their fears into friends, their pain into steppingstones, and find the good in any situation.

You see, within our fears and our pain, there is a message. It tells us where we might be stuck. And when we discover that, we find the key to our healing.

So what did I learn? That we have in our nature the ability to experience a freer fuller life. Riches are not in the hard work and making millions, but it in spending time with loved ones and friends, and being creative and free.

So how do we do this when we need to survive, to pay our rent?

It is our nature and our right to live in this freedom, and to be well taken care of. Money is a vehicle toward that freedom, but I look around at so many people working frantically to survive. We are meant to thrive. So how do we do that?


Using Invisible Laws

Part3-CreateThere are invisible principles that are at work all the time. It takes time and effort to figure out how to live by them, and use them toward this freedom.

Let me share one example, a tough one for people to understand, but there is the Law of Sacrifice. The law of Sacrifice is to let go of the lessor to allow the greater. What does this mean? Sometimes it means letting go of friends or family that hold us down, or at least not let them hold us down. It may mean to let go of old habits that feel good, but keep us down. For example, we gave up our time to become more educated, and to follow our dreams.

You can ask yourself, what would you really love. Then ask yourself, what do I have to give up to have that?

Moving Forward

So, after this year of surrender, I gave up “knowing”. And I surrendered to not knowing.

Now I am beginning to emerge with greater wisdom, and a greater understanding of these invisible principles. I continue to guide people to discover the Masterpiece within them, and to bring it to the world. And this is my Masterpiece, this is my gift to the world.




  1. Donna Colfer on May 2, 2017 at 2:45 pm

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder to surrender to the “lessor” to make room for the “greater” wanting to come in; and for your story!

  2. Cynthia Frampton on May 2, 2017 at 5:11 pm

    Christi, I have thought of you & wondered but was going through my own surgery & very difficult recovery. Noe I am beginning to feel well again. So I very much enjoyed your sharing.
    Thank you & God bless you, cynthia frampton

  3. PATTI DAVI on May 3, 2017 at 4:35 pm


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