I Used to Be A Trouble-Maker

troubleI used to be a troublemaker… in school that is.

I was a talker. And I was constantly getting in trouble for talking to people and being disruptive.

I was continually being moved from seat to seat so the teacher could “help” me be less distracted and distracting.


My two favorite subjects: Recess and art.

Kid coloringThe only time I wasn’t getting in trouble was at recess when I could run around and play. And in art where I got to play a different way.

Every week, Mrs. West would stand in the front of the classroom to announce a student’s name…

To honor the best speller…

or the best person at math…

or the best at social studies.

But my name was never called.

except when I was talking!

But that all changed one day in 4th grade.

My teacher, Mrs. West, announced that there would be a contest to see who’s art would be selected for the front cover for the Parents’ Night folder.

I had always loved drawing and painting and in my family I was given a lot of freedom with art supplies and encouragement to use my imagination.

So when I heard Mrs. West’s announcement…

I said a huge, “I can do that!” to myself.

Spiral flowersI sat down with a piece of regular paper, 8 by 11 and just drew. It only took me about 30 minutes to make my entry.

It came from my imagination. It was this weird flowery spirally design. It was very colorful because in no way would I limit the colors.

I captured a design that no one had ever seen.

With hope and prayers, I turned in my artwork.

The next day, Mrs. West stood in front of the room to announce the winner.

It was my name that was called! I was the winner!

My artwork had been chosen for the Parents’ Night folder!

It was my very first MASTERPIECE!

It was only in hindsight as an artist taking art classes and training, that I realized I was intuitively using the principles of design to turn my visions into masterpieces.

But of course in a very beginner way.

Now that I have an understanding of the principles of art, I am able to use them more intentionally to create my masterpiece.

And just as I discovered the principles of art, I also learned the invisible principles that always operate in our lives.

But just as when I was in fourth grade, my use of those Life principles was unintentional.

Now with an understanding of the correlation between the principles of art and the principles of life…


I have created my life as a masterpiece.

One of my greatest privileges is that I am able to help others create their masterpiece, and this is the thing that lights me up, that gives me joy every day.

And that’s why I am so excited to share what I’ve learned with people who are ready to create a life they LOVE!

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