Miracles Happen And I Got to Part of One

Miracles do happen and I got to be a part of one.

Melissa with her first sonMelissa always had problems with trusting herself.

Her doubt always sent her asking others for help and guidance on what to do, whether it was deciding whether to go to college, or what she should do as a career.

When Melissa came to me for coaching, she had gotten out of a cycle of the bad relationships and was with a man whom was kind and caring. They had a little boy.

Being a mother was Melissa’s greatest dream, and she wanted to have a second child.

But, time after time, they tried, and she would miscarry.

She sought out many different doctors and practitioners for help… but nothing helped.

So Melissa decided to focus on her secondary vision…. to work part-time in gardening.

She got a job at a Nursery just down the street from her home, and she was able to teach classes there.

Melissa began to believe in herself.

Her confidence grew.

Her independence was emerging.

She began trusting herself.

And then it happened… She got pregnant once again.

Once again, her heart filled with a hope and joy.

But this time, she had a new belief in herself… and in her dream.

You can imagine Melissa’s disappointment when the tell tale signs up miscarriage showed up again.

She went to the doctor.

They confirmed that once again she was miscarrying.

They gave her medicine to take when she got home,  to complete the process.


But Melissa told me…

“Christi, for the first time in my life I believed in me, rather than someone outside of me.”

She just trusted her intuition and knew that the doctor was wrong.

She believed she was still pregnant.

So she went back to the doctor and told him that she just couldn’t take the medicine.

She convinced the doctor to do another ultrasound.


And Melissa was right!

Melissa pregnantThere was a second fetus!

She had lost one baby, but there was another little guy ready to become Melissa’s miracle baby.

Melissa said that if she had not been in my coaching program, if she had not found new self-confidence and self-belief, she would have just listened to the doctors.

She would never have listened to her own inner truth.





And sweet little Owen, the miracle baby, would not exist today.

Miracle Baby OwenToday, Melissa has two beautiful little boys and the family she dreamed of. She loves me telling this story so that it can help others

She is living her life as a Masterpiece.

…And excited about what her next Masterpiece may be.

I want YOU to experience these kinds of miracles in YOUR life too.

I want you to life your life as a Masterpiece.

And that’s why I am excited to share what I’ve learned with everyone who is ready to change their life for the better.



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Until then, here’s to your life as a Masterpiece!



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