Are You Living By Design or By Default?

daffodilsThe bulbs that lay dormant in the darkness of winter, waiting to sprout. The rosebushes will soon begin producing their buds.

We are part of that natural cycle. But, we tend to forget. We think of ourselves as being outside of or apart from the natural rhythm of nature. I am not saying we are on an annual cycle, but we have a natural cycle of becoming something new in every moment. We can do this by design or default.


Living By Default

robotSometimes default is a good thing. Knowing how to brush your teeth means that you don’t need to learn that again every day.

But if we live our entire life by default, then we stay stuck, or dormant like those bulbs.
By default, we move through the same things over and over again. Sometimes they look different, but in essence they are the same.

Think what that means about what our actions are; based on our recycled thoughts. Studies show that 90 % of the thoughts we have are recycled thoughts. No wonder we sometimes feel that we are not making any headway toward our goals, our dreams.

If we want something in our lives to change to a new design, then we need to change our default thinking and have some new thoughts.

Changing Old Habits

map-live by designOne of the hardest things we will ever do is train ourselves to let go of our old habits.

And it is a training, just as we train for a marathon. It is rigorous and continuous and you can stop or you have to start over.

The majority of people choose to go on thinking the major dominant thoughts that surround us.

After all, rigorous and continuous effort doesn’t sound too appealing.

But, is that the life you want to live? Or do you have a dream, a desire? Would you rather live by design or by default?

Living By Design

spring flowersWhen the flowers bloom in Spring, there is the beginning of a burst of energy, of creativity evidenced through nature! It is a part of a natural cycle.

To live by design is the natural process of the spring flowers. The nutrients (our new desires) are stored up, then there is the energy (training) that causes the flower to push up through the soil and become its natural state of beauty.

This is our natural state: Beauty.

Start living by design

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