The Vorpal Sword

A Vorpal Sword can cut through our paradigms, our belief systems that run us.

Many of you that have been in classes with me know that boogeymen equate our paradigms. And the ones that are boogeymen are the ones that we want to change, because we don’t like the direction that they’re taking us. And I’m constantly doing this work and looking at my own boogeymen.

Over the last few days, when I’ve been imagining my own boogeymen arising, I keep thinking about the Vorpal Sword. If you don’t know about the Vorpal Sword, it’s from “Alice in Wonderland.” It’s actually part of the “Jabberwocky” poem:

“Twas bryllyg, and ye slythy toves
Did gyre and gymble in ye wabe…”

Alice Fights the Monsters

I memorized that poem in high school. In the latest Alice movie that came out, Alice actually goes and fights the monsters. She uses the Vorpal Sword, and this is a magic sword that can actually slice through imagination and slice through the invisible; what we don’t always see. So it’s a great tool to have to slice through our boogeymen, which is our thought processes or paradigms.

The imaginal work is a great process for personal discovery.


An Imaginal Journey

In my imaginal work, I went on a journey, and I found the Vorpal Sword. This is all in my imagination. I try to pick up my Vorpal Sword, and it’s so heavy I can’t lift it.

And I think to myself, “First I need to do something that I’ve been successful at doing.”

And this is where our assets come in; we look at our tools, the things that we’ve accomplished in our life. For example, this week, Aron, my son had some scheduling issues and challenges with school. I worked with him and helped to empower him to make some really good decisions.

Part of it was to find out what options and things were available to him. I felt like a warrior going in to take care of my son. I imagined these white stairs going up to the challenge, where the boogeymen had resided, which were the problems with Aron’s schedule.

I had to drag this heavy sword up those stairs, but once I got up to the top and I knew that this was for my son, I could then conjure all of the power and energy, and I could wield that sword. I picked it up and I slew the dragons. I walked back down the stairs and I looked back up to the top of the steps, and there was my son in shining white armor being the winner.

And I thought, “OK, good, I have the courage, I can see that I can do this.” I looked up at these big dark stairways going up and behind them were my boogeymen. And they were ugly. And they were vicious. And they were nasty and they were gnashing their teeth. Not only were they gnashing their teeth, they had images of ME in their teeth and they were flipping me up in the air and clomping down on me, and I was just like a rag doll in their mouths. And I saw multiple images of myself up there. I thought to myself, “Oh, my gosh, I can’t do this! I can’t do this!”


I Built a Platform

Then I thought, “OK, then what can I do?” I built myself a platform, like my safe place, but it was only about three stairs up. And I dragged the Vorpal Sword up there. And I thought, “What can I manage?”

One of my boogeymen is that I care what other people think of me. And I have this image of people throwing things at me and disregarding what I have to say; telling me that they don’t care what I have to say, just brain chatter. We all have our little brain chatter. What do we do with it? That’s where we have to make a choice.

I looked out at this audience, and they were ugly, they were nasty, and they had drool coming out of their mouths. Since my son is so into zombies; I imagined that they all looked like zombies. I had to compose myself, “What can I do?” I asked myself again. My imaginal work this time is all based on media images. Most of us have seen or read “Alice in Wonderland.”


Transforming the Outcome

I don’t know if any of you have ever watched “Northern Exposure, which is an old television series.” There was one scene in one episode, in which a story was being told about this woman who, back in the days where they were mining gold, went into this village and actually through her dance, her movement, and her love, transformed all of the people in the audience. When she first went out on stage, they were hooting and hollering at her and throwing things at her. And she began her dance. It was so much from her heart, so much from her internal place of beauty that they all started quieting down, and pretty soon they all fall in love with her, and the city becomes beautiful and idylic. So I imagined myself as this woman. And I imagined this crowd becoming beautiful, supportive, proud of me.

I thought, “OK, I’ve got two things. One, I’ve got something that I’ve accomplished, and two, I see that I have support around me.” That’s the shape, that’s the assets, and that’s who we have to support us. I’m standing on the platform and I’m looking up at these ugly gray stairs, and the monsters gnashing above them, and I begin to feel defeated again. I stood there and thought, “I can’t do this.”


Receiving Unexpected Help

Then all of a sudden, I felt someone from the audience come up and reach around and put their hand on my heart. And I feel my love and their love, this heart love. And it starts to fill me up, and then someone else from this audience comes and they help me pick up the Vorpal Sword. Their hand went on my hand and helped me lift the sword. And as I did this, the same kind of experience I had on that mountaintop that time, a rush of energy came up from the ground, from the source, and into (media reference number three ) “Star Wars” and it becomes the light saber. The light comes into my sword. And I realize, “Of myself I can do nothing.” And I have this sense of energy and I go up, and climb up those stairs, but I thought that I don’t want to really slay them. But then I remind myself that this is an imaginal process and these are my boogeymen, and this is about transformation.


My Own Vorpal Sword

And that’s what this Vorpal Sword does. It’s magic, and it transforms things. So I cut up these dragons, and the bits of the dragons fall into this lake, and my bodies fall into the lake and they look like Ophelia lying there. It did feel like it was becoming a lake, turning into something beautiful.

But what’s so wonderful about this work, is to continue being in the work. I wanted to share this with you; there are many, many ways that we can climb this mountain to success. We can face our demons, our boogeymen, our thinking, because this is about us creating our thinking, our perception, and our other capacities. To train them to be at our will, to be at our beckoning, not to have them control us.


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