What Is a Person of Increase?

by Jerie Parks

A Chance Encounter

homeless woman in despairRecently, I pulled up to a stoplight and saw that there was a woman standing on the median between the lanes of traffic.  She looked worn out and disheartened and was holding a sign asking for help.

But the thing that really made an impression on me was that her head was down and I concluded it was in shame.

We often question what brings people to such a place.  Do they have family?  Could it be drugs? Escaping from some sort of abuse?  But then the light turns green and we’re off to wherever it is we are going and they are left to stand and plead to the next group of cars at the light and they do this for hours on end, hoping for a couple dollars here or there.

But something was very different for me on this particular day.

I had a gut reaction of such urgency that I needed to give this specific woman some money or I would not be able to look myself in the eye.

I heard Christi’s voice in my head from the Creative Way, week 4, about what it means to be a Person of Increase and the value one receives when they are a Person of Increase.

A Brief Conversation That Changed My Life for the Better

Giving to homeless I rolled down the window and had to get her attention as she was standing even with the back of my car, head down.  I said “Here you go, sweetheart”, extending my arm out with the bills in my hand so she could reach.

She looked at me as if no one had spoken to or acknowledged her in a great while.  I told her “Please buy yourself something hot, it’s cold out here”.  She smiled and said “Yes, and maybe a decaf coffee!”.  We shared a brief exchange about coffee and the light turned green.

Somehow, my spirit knew this woman needed to be seen. Not as someone begging, but as a human being.

I didn’t get to see if our encounter changed her life. But as I drove away, I absolutely know she changed mine.


Thinking Back

receptionistFor many years I worked in the office of a large high school.  Every morning for one school year there was a student, a very embedded gang member, that came in to see me before school.

He was always respectful and came in with a smile each day. As he headed out for class I would always say “Have a good day, and make good choices”.

He would reply with a “Yes, ma’am” and a smile.

I asked him once why he liked coming in to see little old me every day.

He replied simply “Because you’re the only one who tells me to have a good day”.

My heart sank at the thought of what this young man’s life was like.  I had no idea at the time how something so simple could mean so much to someone like him.  I thought I was just doing the mom-thing, not even realizing that he may not have a mom.


So THAT’S What It Means

joyful womanUntil I met Christi and learned about what being a Person of Increase actually meant, I didn’t realize the value of it.  But when listening to her lessons, I realized that by doing these simple things, I was being a Person of Increase.

It actually had a name. Now it seemed tangible and it absolutely exponentiates the value you receive by extending yourself.

In week 4 of Christi’s course, The Creative Way, she goes into detail about what it means to be a Person of Increase. By your actions and attitude, you can uplift others when they are in your presence.

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture.  It can be simply saying “Good Morning” to someone at work or school, smiling at someone in the grocery line, a hearty tip for your waiter, supporting and encouraging your friends and family or giving a couple dollars to a person holding a sign.

You never know what is going on in someone’s life.

We are all human beings and it takes very little effort to make an extraordinary difference.


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