From Fear to Belief

by Jerie Parks

scaredy catsFear. We all have it to varying degrees.

It corrupts our subconscious, it’s invasive and disingenuous. It tricks us into believing that we shouldn’t be too successful or too happy. That somehow these things must always be reserved for someone else, to remain an elusive goal that we can never attain.

It keeps us just this side of living our true selves.

Fear As Procrastination

procrastinationLooking back at my own life path, fear has manifested itself as procrastination.

Putting off what I dreamed of my entire life by just not taking those first steps in the right direction. “I’ll do it later”.

When later came, I was “too tired”…and so on and so on.

Why has it been so hard?

Until recently, a paralyzing fear? What would happen if I succeeded? What if I not only succeeded, but surpassed anything I ever dreamed of?

Because I couldn’t visualize what I wanted I was not able to set my goal or create an attainable one.

My mind was a hurried mess of thoughts and ideas that I didn’t have the tools to bring to fruition. Sound familiar? Hurry is Fear and subsequently quite destructive to the psyche.


Believe In Your Heart

Believe that when you are ready in your heart not just in your mind, when you feel the tangible need to free yourself from the potent grip of fear, insecurity, boredom or monotony, you’re ready to live your Masterpiece. The you of your own creation. The life of limitless possibilities.


vision-possibilityLook at your life as if your dream is possible and act from that knowing.

Draw your line in the sand. Stand up and reclaim what is rightfully yours – A life that is absolutely attainable!

All you need is a starting point.

Do one thing each day to bring you closer to your goal.

Each step forward is a step in the right direction.

What direction do you want to go?

“The starting point of all achievement is desire.” – Napoleon Hill


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