Is Your Dream Worthy of You?

Forget about whether you are worthy of the dream you have for your life. Ask yourself:

Is Your Dream Worthy of You?

smileWhat is it you’d really love to do with your life? What exactly does it mean to have a vision?

I wondered that myself. When it comes to discovering your vision, it can certainly feel like a monumental task. I certainly felt that way. To me, it was as if I was trying to pick just one star out of a sky that offered up such an abundance of choices.

In the Creative Way, week 2, Christi lays out a very user-friendly “test” to clarify whether or not your dream or vision, is worthy of you:

1. Does It Give You Life?

tossing autumn leaves in the airWe know that we need money to sustain the necessities of life, but is it necessary to be in a position that gives us money, but no joy?

Are you taking the steps to achieve your vision of a larger, better, more fulfilling life?

That may mean going back to school for a degree, which will in turn, get you that job you may have been coveting, hence, bringing you joy. Whatever it is for you, choose the path that will create joy and meaning in your life.


yoga pose2. Does It Align With Your Core Values?

Core values are the things that are most essential to you: time for family, honesty in relationships, kindness.  But these are all very personal, so there is no right answer as long as it resonates with you. If there is any emotional glitch in you when you think about your dream, perhaps it isn’t aligning with a core value.


3. Does It Cause You to Grow?

4. Does It Require Help from a Higher Power?

If your vision doesn’t cause you to grow or require help from a higher power, then it isn’t a big enough vision.

We are not meant to live a mundane existence. We are part of an expanded universe, and the expanded universe is wanting us to expand in a greater way all the time. Stepping out of your comfort zone, becoming a person of increase, etc.

It’s not the size of the gesture, it’s the direction of your intent.


4. Is There Good In It for Others?

boy in bucket splashing waterIf you have a vision worthy of you, it will, most likely, have the added benefit of doing good for others.

If your Core Values are aligned, you are receiving help from a higher power and it is requiring you to grow, you are undoubtedly blessing others in some way.

We all need to be loved and cared for by another, it is our human nature to desire intimacy. But in order to relay this, you must come from the position of your dream, be the energy you want to attract to you. You need to have a calm confidence and know it in your soul.

For example, the wind does not blow, it pulls into a low pressure front.

It is not a frantic, crazy, high pressure frenetic energy.  It’s low pressure because it’s the truth.  It’s who you are.

Be the low pressure front so that it brings your vision to you.



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