Re-Entry Let-Down


I recently lead a magical trip to Ireland. There were 13 of us in total. It was both an inner and outer journey. And often when we return from something really great, we have terrible re-entry let down. And I am experiencing that. I really love my life and yet, I have a bit of sadness.

Re-Entry Let-Down

When I ran the camp programs, I would send out a letter to the parents so they would receive it before the kids returned home. I would tell the parents that the kids going to camp would be having amazing experiences and even transformations.

And yet while we were on our trip, the everyday world back home continued along just the same.

In fact, the teens may have forgotten to make their bed, left a mess behind orBeltany some such thing, but they will come back changed. We asked the parents to consider this and be willing to be open to these changes.

For those of us who had an amazing, magical and even transformative time, we come back to reality. Here at home, not much has changed for the better.

In fact, we return to fires, the death of a young girl whom we tried to hard to love enough to heal her, to the same politics, family issues and everyday life.

So what was the value of our travels, our inner work, our transformation and how do we hold on to that and how do we allow it help create change?

Now What?

For me I have been drawing from the images of our travels, particularly of my fellow travelers and my new perspective of them. We had a lovely man, Leo as our guide one day. He said that as he had pulled himself out of a dark place, he realized perspective was one of the healing concepts he embraced. And this is a mental faculty that we have, perspective.

So as I re-enter, I choose to bring the magic I experienced into my everyday life.


How do we do that?

It is a matter of paying attention to what we gained, and how we can transpose it onto the “everyday” life.



our groupCreate a list of the new insights and transformations you experienced.

Have that in a place on your phone that you can pull up when you are in a low thinking place.

And ask yourself, how can I move back into that place in this very situation.

Look at your photos, and for me, I am drawing and painting from those pictures.

Keep in touch with the group that was there with you, and who may be in the same let-down place.

Our group used WhatsApp during the trip and the group messages continue.





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