Reinventing Myself from the Inside Out – My Next Act, part 2

by Marjorie Favuzzi

I had lost the job that I’d felt married to, it had been a big part of my identity.  I felt adrift. It was almost as if I was standing outside myself, watching the physical me sitting in the recliner while frantically searching all the online job boards. But, afraid to make the wrong decision, I was frozen, unable to move ahead.

I was re-establishing a relationship with my children, my husband, and my elderly father. That was all good but I needed to get my nose back to the grindstone, right? Or was there a different way to be in the world?

I took some time off to help my disabled father through the last year of his life. We were able to heal many of the wounds of the past and really know each other. What a precious gift of time! Just before he died he said “I want you to do two things for me. “Practice kindness, because that what life is really about.” And then he added “don’t let anyone ever dump on your dreams.”

old hands

Dreams? Was I even capable of dreaming up my ideal life and profession? I didn’t grow up thinking that was practical or even possible, and yet those were my father’s last words to me.

I reflected on what I loved to do and I knew I had a lot of compassion and empathy for those who struggled with the aftermath of trauma and learning disorders. I had walked that path and down the work to turn those challenges into strengths. I also knew that I loved helping people find their inner peace and be empowered to succeed.  But could I do that for myself? Could I turn that into a business?

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