Tapping Into Empowerment – My Next Act, part 4

by Marjorie Favuzzi

I was a Certified Dare to Dream Coach had started Success In Hand. I was successful and made more money in that first year than I had while working 60 hours a week at a soul-killing job. I developed a program called Turning I Can’t Into I CAN!®  Systems and Tools for Success, and it was really helping clients move past procrastination and disorganization. However, some clients couldn’t really stick with using the tools consistently, so the results were mixed. I knew something was missing, but I wasn’t sure what.

tapping pic


I started seeing information online about the Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping. I was intrigued but not enough to travel to other states or countries for training. Then one of the leaders of the movement, Dawson Church, offered a workshop in my hometown. I jumped in with both feet and took every training that I could, adding in EFT Matrix ReImprinting as well.  Through calming trauma and creating new neural wiring in the brain, I was able to rewrite my past and move boldly into the future.


This changed not only my business, but my innermost self as well. I let go of resentments, fears, and beliefs that held me back from manifesting my highest potential. I literally tapped into my gifts as a healer and I began to shine. I had named my business Success In Hand years before I began tapping and seeing it as an integral part of the empowerment tools I being to clients. I introduced this technique to my clients and they began to truly shine too!

Who knew that this would be the course of my life after losing the job that I thought had defined who and what I was? This was my best act. I had recognized the old limiting beliefs. The roadblocks had been cleared. I learned valuable tools to call in meaningful work and discovered the freedom to live the life I truly want. I am truly grateful to have reinvented myself and be able to help others do the same.


Wondering What YOUR Next Act Will Be?

If you are wondering what your next act will be, whether you are wanting to embrace your passion, open a business, or retire to a more joyful and fulfilling life, please consider joining me at Your Next Act – living the life you WANT at any stage. This full day symposium of 3 dynamic leaders will be on 1-5-19, and it will be a dynamic way for you to discover what is calling you, let go of the inner critic that wants to play safe, and creatively fund your next act.  I sincerely hope you join us.

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