How Corporate America Led to My Next Act, part 2

By Heather Christison

In part 1, I talked about what my life in corporate America was like and why I left.


So, I did what I do best, opened my trusty spreadsheet and got busy figuring out just what it would take to leave my stressful, always connected job for something with more balance.

My boss had always said I thought like an entrepreneur so I decided to see if he was right. Could I really make this happen? Did the numbers work?

I had been shifting my clients to a flat rate model so I could count on a steady reliable income each month and along the way I had been picking up more clients.

At first this meant even more time away from my family but I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and I was pretty sure it wasn’t a train. When I ran the numbers, I realized that my “side hustle” was actually bringing in about the same as my corporate gig.

And when I looked deeper, I found that NOT going to a J-O-B every day might actually save our family money.

No more childcare

No more commute

No more lunches outside of the house

Re-Defining My Worth

When I stopped defining my worth by how important and how connected I was at the office, and instead defined it by the way my son looked at me, everything changed. I was able to craft a plan that would allow our family to survive, even thrive, without having to work myself to burnout.

I made an intentional choice to leave corporate America and go back to serving clients full time, and to expand my business. I made that choice because I woke up one day to realize that my boy was growing up too fast right before my eyes. I understood that time was the one truly limited commodity I had in this life. 

Saying “NO” changed my life – because then I could say “YES” to the things that were truly important to me and spend the limited coin of time according to my agenda.

And on to my next act …

Savvy Boss Ladies: Heather and her sister

It has been almost 4 years since I walked away from corporate America and I have never looked back. My business has thrived over time because I started with a plan. I knew what it would take to support my dreams and I set out to do the work (both inner and outer) to make that happen. I already had the tools to look at the facts, to craft a logical linear path to the life I dreamed, and I sought out support from those that could help me with the inner work.

I found coaches and a support system to help me with the paradigm shift required to move from employee to entrepreneur and from a lack to an abundance mindset.

But I wasn’t content to let that next act be my last act … I wanted more.

In 2017, I started a second business, Savvy Boss Lady, with my sister Jennifer. We had been looking for something to do together for a long time and this time she was looking for her next act.

Our business was built to help women entrepreneurs do what I did for myself when I left corporate America, to look at the foundational pieces they need to set up a business. To help them look at the “facts’ of how to run a business, to craft that logical linear path to the life of their dreams.

That is why I am so thrilled to be speaking at “Your Next Act” with these incredible ladies who are so masterful at helping YOU navigate your next act. I am finding that there is always a “Next Act”, that no matter where I am currently, that there is always room to look for what’s next.

With my trusty spreadsheet and the support of my community I know I have the tools to cross any bridge I come to.

What is YOUR Next Act?

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