Will I EVER Be Able to Retire?

The most common fear I hear is “Will I EVER be able to retire?”

working late

I don’t just hear this from people who are coming close to retirement, but also from some younger people who are looking forward. It looks like they will need to work for their entire lives.

And particularly that they won’t be able to retire in a free and joyful way.

Sound familiar?

Whatever we focus our thoughts on is what we create. So there are a lot of people working hard in what should be their golden time. In psychology, our elder years should be where we glean what we have done and rest on our laurels. 

stressed woman

We can blame this on our outside conditions…

I say it is a status quo belief – one the world tells us – we have bought into.

We buy into the fear of what will happen to the social security system.

We buy into the fear about the rise in the cost of living.

And all the other outside conditions we see around us in the world.


If you discover the Immutable but invisible laws, the ones that actually run and rule the world all the time, you can learn to use them. Then they won’t be using you.

And THAT means that you will be able to create re-lifement instead of retirement. And besides, we’re already tired, so who wants to get re-tired anyway?!

Lori Louis made it happen

Let me share with you about one of my clients, Lori Louise. When she came to work with me, she was beginning to pull herself out of a difficult past.

Lori Louise
Lori Louise

She was working toward re-creating her life by pulling herself up by the boot straps, laboring, trudging forward. She had begun a similar type of work to what I offer, but she was doing it on her own. She is bright,but her self-guided way, in her own words, “was hard and painstaking… and SLOW.”

She had a dream that looked so far out of the realm of possibility that she had little confidence that it would actually happen for her.

Lori Louise’s dream was to move closer to her newborn granddaughter, and to be able to work when she wanted to work without being locked into a schedule that drained her energy and left almost no time for family.

As she started working with me, she rekindled that dream and began to plan it, thinking a year was a good goal. It would mean that she would be moving to an area where she didn’t know anyone, did not have a job waiting, and virtually needed to start her life over again. 

Her vision was exciting, and also frightening for her.

Lori Louise dove into this work, and she studied it, and came to our group coaching calls with transparency and sincerity. She told me, “Through doing this work, life fell into place in some amazing ways.”  And as she began seeing accelerated results, she revived her “Impossible” dream. 

So she kept the vision of this year-long goal.

digging in garden

Without flinching, she kept unearthing and looking at her beliefs that stood in the way, the ones that had always kept her stuck right where she was before.

Okay, maybe some occasional flinching, but by bringing that into the coaching calls, she was able to persist.

She grew her capacity to believe. And she took action, including writing a specific, detailed vision that became so concrete for her that she could FEEL it — instead of simply wishing that it might come true some day in the hazy future.

And then it happened!

grandma with gandchildren

To her delight — and nervousness — instead of her one-year plan, life accelerated in support of her dream, and it actually came into being in seven to nine weeks!


She moved up to northern Washington, found a lovely place to live, began working per-diem in her field, and to her greatest joy became a constant-presence grandma.

She was able to help her daughter and son-in-law while being the grandmother she had dreamed of being.   Now there are two perfect granddaughters.

And Lori Louise is there, close enough to be genuinely involved in their lives instead of being a “special-occasion” grandparent.

If she had kept doing the self-guided method, she is convinced this would have passed her by, slipping into the realm of “if only.”


So, what is YOUR next act?

At any age? What can you do now to create the life you love living? 

Click here to schedule a Sketch Your Life session where I guide you through a proven process to define or refine the life of your dreams, and some steps to get you there. I’ll create a personalized image to represent your dream.


Watch Lori Louise talk about her experience.



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