What’s Holding You Back?

fishing rod

I grew up in Oregon. I had 3 siblings. 1 sister and 2 brothers. None of them wanted to get up early enough to go fishing with my dad. I sure did! I loved it! My dad would rig up my line, but the bait on for me and I would throw my line in and before my dad got his line in the water, I already would be pulling out a fish. He would have to pause, take my fish off the line, rig me up again and line in the water, another fish, and sometimes I would have three fish by the time he had his line in the water. BUT he did however, catch the largest fish.

A Strange Sight

One day, we were fishing at a lake and down the shore was a craggy seasoned old fisherman, looked like he had been fishing for a hundred years. He kept pulling out the fish, would pull a broken off ruler out of his creel and measure the fish.

broken ruler

If it was bigger than the ruler, he would throw it back. If it was under the size of the ruler, he would put it in his creel, the basket that was slung on his hip to keep the fish.

I tugged my dad’s fishing vest and asked him why he was doing that. “Are the smaller ones better?” My dad shrugged his shoulders and went back to his fishing.

Mystery Solved

I was a very friendly little girl and loved to talk to everyone. So I wondered down the shore. “Hey Mister”, I replied in my sweet little girl voice, “why do you throw the fish that are bigger than your ruler back into the lake? Are the little ones better?

“Well little lady”, his voice gravely responded, “this here ruler happens to be the size of my frying pan at home!”

Where Do You Do That?

Where in your life do you throwing out the good stuff, and keep the little stuff? What beliefs do you hold on to that have you keeping only the small fish? What is it inside you that is holding you back from having all the good stuff you can catch? Maybe you don’t even know the good stuff?

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