What’s a LAVISH Life?

I want to live a lavish life. And I would love to see everyone live a lavish life.

When I say “live a Lavish life”, what thoughts does that bring up in you?

Maybe, “I don’t need a LAVISH life, its not necessary, just a getting by fine.” Or, “I don’t you deserve a LAVISH life. Or other people who life a LAVISH life are just lucky. I’m not on the list.”

Jewels in box

Why Not?

Well, I want to ask you, why are you the exception? Or why do we believe that others worthier than we are?

I’m here to tell you that you do deserve a lavish life. LAVISH is an acronym that stands for Living Fully, Abundantly, Vibrantly, Illumined, Self-caring and Happy.

And I’m here today to tell you that it is your birth-right, your nature to live a L.A.V.I.S.H. life.

L.A.V.I.S.H. stands for:


L for Living fully

Most of us were taught that we have to work hard and make money. When my son started living on his own for the first time, he was 20. He got an apartment with some buddies in Santa Fe. It was on the outskirts of town, pretty small and it was his first time living with roommates.

His first month in his apartment he called and said, “mom, this is so stressful, you just work so you can pay your rent.” I said, “yes, honey that’s how it is now, but it won’t be that way always”. How do I know that? Because he has grown up with the principles I teach.

I believe that each one of us has a Masterpiece within us, and it is not only our privilege, but our responsibility to bring that masterpiece into the world to share.

And living fully is part of that Masterpiece.

Not just “hard work to pay our rent” That is what I call a status quo thinking, a belief, outside of our own thinking that we have bought into, hook line and sinker, just like that fish back at the lake!

We are not created to struggle.

The caterpillar struggles out of the cocoon to strengthen its wings to be able to fly, and that’s the phase that my son is in.  But if we are living as we were created to live, we would not be hanging out in struggle. The cocooning stage is just for a short time. Once we complete that phase, it’s time to stretch out wings and Living Fully!

And that also leads us to the next part of the LAVISH life…

A for Abundance

That too is our nature. But we have been told so many stories from scarcity, even from our loved ones, and lies of not having being good enough, worthy enough,

You may have read a previous article about the girl I met who had been traveling the world, backpack on her back and she was getting tired and ready to go back home.

Read how her story shows how we can get in the way of our own abundance, which is always available to us.

So what is keeping us from it? It can be seen in where we are not the image and likeness of the Divine. All those thoughts that we bought into about not being worthy. There are things we can do to bring this about! We can start by reminding ourselves as much as possible that and we are meant to live in Joy, Creativity and, yes, and Abundance.

V for Vibrant

I think of vibrance as light on our feet and full of life giving energy! Now this doesn’t mean full steam ahead and burn ourselves out.

It means a beautiful energy that allows us to feel free to enjoy this amazing life. I’m kind of a nerd and love watching the programs about how the brain works, and how the body works. It is designed for Vibrant Living.

Tune in tomorrow to read about the I, S and H in LAVISH.

If you would like to more about living a LAVISH life, check out our next Live a LAVISH Life playshop.



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