Living a LAVISH Life part 2


As I mentioned in part 1 of Live a LAVISH Life, I described that LAVISH stands for Living fully, Abundant, Vibrant, Illumined, Self-caring and Happy. And we looked at the first 3 of these qualities: Living fully, Abundant, and Vibrant. Now we look at the last 3 qualities.

I for Illumined

Being Illumined is about getting in touch with your own brilliance, your own wisdom, and expressing your life as a Masterpiece into the world.

Bringing the gift of who you are brightens the world. Even though it sounds cliché, the world would not be whole without you in it.

Too many of us have learned to hide our inner light and inspiration. Living a LAVISH Life includes removing the roadblocks and mistaken beliefs that you need to hide your life, so that you can shine as the illumined being that you truly are.

Joyful woman with arms outstretched

S for Self-caring and H for Happy

The last two, Self-Caring and Happy, really bring us down to earth.

I joke with my friends sometimes when they put themselves down – don’t talk about my friend that way, or don’t treat my friend that way.

And we all can think of ourselves in those terms – would I treat my friend this way?

We have heard a lot about the law of attraction and know that it is powerful. The things that we allow into our thinking are generated into our life.

But there is a more powerful Law, the Law of Vibration. What is the frequency of your thoughts, what vibration are you putting into the world with your thinking and your actions?

Believing Is Seeing

A client of mine said one time that she couldn’t help her sister unless her sister chose to change. I challenged that and said, but if you don’t think she can have the life she would love, what is the vibration you are putting out to her?

She described the life she would love to have for her sister and decided these were the thoughts she was going to have about her.

No more than an hour later, (and we were on a cruise ship at the time), she got a call from her sister that the job she had wanted and applied for over a month ago, and thought was gone, had called her and she got the job! Coincidence?

Craft Your Way to a LAVISH Life

A few times a year, I host a playshop where you can use paper, scissors and your inner longings in each of these areas. We create a 3-dimensional vision board to experience how it brings the Law of Vibration into your life. Glitter optional.


It all comes down to learning to live a Lavish life, a life that we were meant to live, Living the Masterpiece with in us.




Your Own Inner Masterpiece

We all part of a grand museum, and our masterpiece is part of that grand Exhibition. Without your masterpiece hanging on the wall, there would be a sign in the empty space that says “out for repairs”!

You will know your masterpiece is in that grand museum when you are experiencing Joy and Creativity, and Living a Lavish life!

Come join me and together we will create for you a more LAVISH Life.

Read more about the next Live a LAVISH Life playshop, and if you’re in Sonoma County, join us!



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