Punky Perception

Last week I told you a story about how I got lost in the mountains while camping with a group. Our guide wanted to say and talk with a girl he was interested in, so he told me to go on ahead by myself. He said to just stay high and to the right, and I would get to the camp. I got completely lost and panicked. I sat to meditate, and decided to backtrack and wait for them to come get me.

A year later I was telling this story to somebody, and waving my hands as I said, “high and to the right, high and to the right.” My friend looked at me and said, “Do you know that’s your left hand?”

Left or Right

Stunned, I remembered that I was always mixing up my right and left. As I had trudged along the path, my perception was that I was going high and to the right. But I was actually going to the left.

Who’s In Charge?

It taught me that our perceptions can rule us unless we decide to rule our perceptions. And that’s part of the work we do in Mastering the Art of Life. We become increasingly conscious of our thoughts and perceptions. And we learn tools and methods to get where we want to go.

Perceptions can lead us astray. We can choose instead to train our mind and use it to lead us to our personal success. It’s an ongoing practice. That’s why it’s so important to stay in this work. Because if we think you know this, if we think you have the tools, believe me, at some point we’ll find ourselves lost because we were going left instead of right. Even though we thought we were going right.

It Helps to Have a Mentor

For ongoing success and progress, we need to have people around us, we need to have tools around us, and we need to have continual reminders around us. And that’s why I stay in this work all the time. That’s why I have a coach to catch me when I’m heading the wrong way, or to give me a hand up to get me back on track.

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