Magic and Meaning from Mixed Media

The table is laid. It is an explosion of color and fun. The tone of joy and purpose is set.

Choices of art supplies abound: paint, feathers, pom-poms, ribbon, old jewelry like a broken favorite necklace, a single earring, the mate long gone. And an eclectic mishmash of things like glitter, stars, wood scraps… all ready to transform into insight and meaning.

playshop table ready for guests

People arrive, chatting and excited, yet a little timid, most not knowing what the process will entail. Some a little guarded because they don’t know what to expect. We chat, find common ground, and quickly warm up as the boundaries fade away and the playshop begins.

Each person brings their own unique voice to the group; introducing themselves as a way to be seen and heard, bringing their presence into the synergy of the group. We feel the magic starting to build as smiles and nods of appreciation fill the room.

Mixed Media Participants

Let the play begin!

We receive instructions on what we’ll be doing. And hear about new tools and concepts that will transform our ideas of ourselves and the world around us. We are guided to silently set an intention for the day, making a note if we choose. Then we are encouraged to let our intention go, so the magic can flow to reveal itself in childlike play.

We are on the edge of their chairs, ready to dive into the luscious and colorful supplies all around us. We send our inner critic into the waiting room, knowing that it if we want it, we can pick it up on the way out.

And now we begin the craft and play. We each choose a box or a container or framework for our project. And then we dive into a flurry of color and texture and begin to craft an image. Not from their head, but from the unknown, the depths of the subconscious, relying on the joy of putting things together, playing like a child, deep attention like a scientist. And the magic emerges. An image that will speak to each of us in a very unique way.

We play together for quite a while, letting our creation shape itself.

And we enjoy snacks and a lovely lunch.


Now it is time to return to our intention. We gaze at our creation allowing this unique experience and the images of our creation to reveal their secrets from their very own depths.

Some of us are not only surprised at what we discover, but answers beyond words reveal themselves.

How and why does this work?

Most of us think in pictures or images. When we see an image, it sparks some part of our history and emotion or awareness. If we both look at two feathers and a doorknob, it will spark one idea for me, and another for you, all based on our individual past. And the intention we set at the beginning put our creative mind to work so we could glean our own answers from our finished creation.

We take our creations home of a reminder of the fun and insights gained from the day.

I invite you to join me at our next Mixed Media: Magic and Meaning playshop in Santa Rosa, CA to discover the secrets that your creative mind can reveal for your life.

I am not currently offering this workshop any more.

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