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Living the Dream Life

Back in 2000-2001, my husband Jerry, and my then-3-year-old son Aron, and I all took off for an adventure — living the dream life in Italy for 6 months. Our destination was the Riveria de Fiori, on the Mediterranean Sea, just across the French border. Jerry’s family lives there and they arranged for an apartment…

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Off the Tourist Trail

Most people don’t travel off the typical tourist trail. This June I’ll be leading my third travel tour of adults. We will be going to Italy to a favorite destination of the Italians – The Riviera dei Fiori, an off-the-tourist-trail experience like the Italians do. Years ago, before our son was born, I led three…

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If You’ve Been There, You Know

If you’ve been there, you know. The picturesque beauty of Italy screams out to have it’s picture taken. But there is something absolutely beautiful about being in the countryside, sitting, immersing in the exquisite surroundings, not just walking past and capturing the photo. I have been to more than 35 countries, and some of my…

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