Living the Dream Life

Back in 2000-2001, my husband Jerry, and my then-3-year-old son Aron, and I all took off for an adventure — living the dream life in Italy for 6 months.

Our destination was the Riveria de Fiori, on the Mediterranean Sea, just across the French border. Jerry’s family lives there and they arranged for an apartment for us.

We visited the old hill town where Jerry’s grandmother had lived before she came to America. We saw the stoop where she and her sister sat and visited with passers-by.

Her best friend lived nearby and saw us there. And even though we were not expected, she invited us into her home and served us freshly-made pasta. We immediately felt like family.

It was such a deep and moving experience that we have returned many times. Aron is now in college! And every time we return we are washed in the beauty of the Italian lifestyle and the warm and welcoming people.

And this kind of experience is what I want to share with you on our adventure to this very same area. For part of the time, we’ll be hosted by Jerry’s family, so you can experience the authentic Italian “La Dolce Vita”

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