Off the Tourist Trail

Most people don’t travel off the typical tourist trail.

This June I’ll be leading my third travel tour of adults. We will be going to Italy to a favorite destination of the Italians – The Riviera dei Fiori, an off-the-tourist-trail experience like the Italians do.

Years ago, before our son was born, I led three teen trips to foreign countries: Guatemala, Jamica and Namibia, Africa. The focus of the trips were side-by-side service with local people, especially the other teens. Amazing connections were formed, even when there were language barriers. (To see more, visit

Youth Beyond Borders group

Another intention for me doing this work, was to help the teens learn to travel in a way I call, “close to the ground”, meaning meeting the people in each country and really getting to know them, to see how they lived. This provides a richer experience of the culture.

And that is what I invite you to experience on our trip this June. We’ll be going to the area of my husband’s family on the Mediterranean Coast of Italy. It’s a less-known area where Italians go for their vacations. to feel and experience the true essence of La Dolce Vita.

Our small-group travel tour will have 15-20 people. And if you’ve ever been on a small group tour, you know that you get a more personal experience than a big-bus tourist tour.

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