Turning to Mush and Reforming

Did you know that when the butterfly is a caterpillar and in it’s cocoon, and being turned to mush and then reforming, it has no idea it is becoming a butterfly.

In fact, it doesn’t even have the consciousness to know that it is transforming.

Does that sound familiar?

When we are enclosed in our cocoon and turning into mush, we usually don’t realize that it’s not a a fixed state. We are actually transforming into something better. I call this our next becoming.

We will soon emerge as a butterfly. Because we are human and not a butterfly, we can have the awareness of swimming in the mush, and even have excitement about “what is my beautiful next becoming?” That makes it so much easier as we allow the process consciously.

Staying Aware

More than any other time we experience, this is a vital time to “Stand Guard at the Portal of our Minds, (Emerson). We want to allow the process of transformation, and not let anything come into our thinking that we don’t want to become part of our transformation.

Turn fear into Trust, turn doubt into excitement, and anxiety into experiencing the moment… Breathe.

Determine what you want you as a butterfly to be and use this time of turning inward to be deliberate in that decision.

Choose to think what you want to think. Choose to think your own thoughts instead of being affected by what’s around you.

Then you will become the most unique and beautiful butterfly in the transformational process.

If you would like support during your transformation

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