Stef Opened Her Heart

Stef opened her heart during a recent Intuitive Wisdom Session with me.

In an Intuitive Wisdom Session, I listen to you tell me about a current discontent in your life. As you talk, I intuitively draw an image for you. About halfway through the session, I show you the image. You give your first impression, which is often quite powerful and eye-opening. Then we dive deeper into what else the image reveals for you. My clients say that the whole process is fun and amazing.

Here’s what she said…

I was unhappy about with something at work. As I spoke to Christi, she made my drawing. When she revealed the drawing to me, it felt so like me.

I saw that this is where I belong, and that I should, “bloom where you’re planted.”

There were a lot of underlying things that I didn’t see at first. As we talked and delved deeper, I saw the hearts in the middle with jagged edges. I saw it as my heart opening more and reaching out while still being protected. I saw that I needed to be calm and listen to my own heart first, and not listen to other people’s chatter. So Christi drew curlicues around the hearts.

For me, the water area and lily of the valley flowers represented my mother. We talked about how that relates to my current situation.

It was interesting and very fun – not hard work at all.

After the session, I send you a photo of the drawing to continue to get insights.

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