Lisa Broke Free of an Ancestral Pull

Lisa broke free of an ancestral pull in her current life situation. It had been How? She had an Intuitive Wisdom Session with me.

Here’s How Lisa Says She Broke Free…

“Most of my family live in Southern California, close to my mom, who is having some health issues. I live in northern California, and I’ve felt some guilt since I moved up here. I would like to be closer to her in order to help, and not leave it to the rest of the family close-by.

“So that’s what I explored during my session with Christi. When she revealed my drawing to me, I was amazed at the intensity of the colors and images.

The image revealed an Ancestral Pull Below the surface of what she knew.

“I saw the ancestral pull, and DNA issues. Part of the image represented what it felt like to be in a womb with a “ghost baby” that my mom had miscarried 2 years before I was born.

“I appreciated that Christi didn’t try to interpret the drawing for me, but let me see what it meant for me.

“I saw that I don’t need to stay stuck in the feeling of guilt, and I can break free of the ancestral patterns.”

Lisa was so excited about her drawing, she showed it to all her friends and told the story about what she learned.

What’s an Intuitive Wisdom Session?

I listen to you tell me about a current discontent in your life. As you talk, I intuitively draw an image for you. About halfway through the session, I show you the image. You give your first impression, which is often quite powerful and eye-opening. Then we dive deeper into what else the image reveals for you. My clients say that the whole process is fun and amazing.

After the session, I send you a photo of the drawing to continue to get insights.

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