Kate Saw Her Own Blind Spot

During her Intuitive Wisdom Session, Kate saw her own blind spot and turned a negative memory into a positive one.

Kate is a Strategic Energetic Expert, and reads people’s energy for a living. And she realized that my gift with these sessions is to show people their blind spots.

I read people’s energy, and I realized that your gift is helping people seeing their own blind spots. Unlike a lot of people out there who are doing wonderful work in this area, your process was so much fun!

During my session, my question was actually about technology, nothing to do with energy. I talked as Christi drew.

When Christi showed me my drawing, I instantly recognized what it was. She had drawn a living color version of a stick-figure image I had drawn years ago. Her drawing was so expressive that I saw more.

Uncovering Layers

There is a door in my drawing, and it’s the kind of door I’ve always loved. And of course, I needed to see what was behind the door.

The next drawing was of the door, and I could easily see what was behind it: a dragon. So Christi drew the dragon.

When I saw the drawing, I knew why the dragon was crying. It revealed to me an old negative memory with my father.

As I looked at this crying dragon, I knew what it represented – an old negative memory about my father not approving the school I wanted to go to.

Turning Around the Negative Memory

But as we talked, I realized that that experience was actually a huge positive and benefit for my life. It changed my entire career path. I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today, and probably wouldn’t be nearly as happy, if I had gone to the school I wanted.

This session completely turned around that memory for me.

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