All In Perspective

When something happens in your life, you can see it as neutral, good, or bad. It’s about keeping it all in perspective. Here’s an example…

I was taking a friend with me for an adventure in New York City. She had never been, and she was very excited. She borrowed my truck to pick up her things, and then we were going to head to the airport using the truck.

She called me from a restaurant where she had been meeting a friend, and told me the truck had been stolen from the parking lot while she was eating.

I calmly asked her if she could get to my house with her stuff to go on the trip. She said yes, and I told her to call the Ministry of Prayer and get to my house.

“You’re not freaked out?” she asked.

“There is nothing I can do about it now, and we have a plane to catch,” I replied. Of course, I called my insurance company and then ordered a cab to the airport.

We had a grand time in New York City. When I got home, I had a call that they found my truck. Stripped of its nice sound system and speakers, a little bit of damage, but all of that caused it to be totaled.

I actually got to keep the truck and got money from it being totaled, which allowed me to not only put a new stereo, but some safety features and upgrades. I could have spent time fussing about the truck, spoiling my trip to New York, but I managed to stay calm and enjoy myself. Nothing’s bad until you think it’s bad.

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