What Is Your Set-Point?

What is Your Current Set-Point?

In Beyond the Box, I use the principles of art to explain the Invisible Principles that govern our world, and how to use those Principles to create the life you would LOVE to live.

In this system, point is the place where you are now.

You can look around you, take the average of all of your experiences, whether it’s your checkbook, your relationships, your health, everything. It is your tangible evidence of your belief system right now, because your life and everything in it is a reflection of what you believe.

The work is not to dwell on your discontents, but to use them for your further growth. It’s knowing where you are, so you can go where you want to go. That is set-point.

A dot is one-dimensional, but when you put the dots together in a chosen direction, they become multidimensional.

“Inspiration without action is merely entertainment.”

– Mary Morrissey


Designing Your New Set-Point

Continuing with the art metaphor, a new set-point, start with the question: What would you love?

This is the beginning of crafting your new set-point, a vision or the sketch of what you would love to create, your life as a masterpiece.

The difference between wanting and loving something is important to understand. Wanting generally holds many of the limiting thoughts such as, what should I want? “I want to make money, so I’ll take any job.” But it isn’t the money you’re looking for,  it’s the freedom you want money to give you, and a job that’s not right for you can be a stuck place in your life.

Focusing on what you would love for your life is a resonance within your heart, and will lead you to a more fulfilling place.


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