Intuitive Wisdom for Myself

How are you? There have been so many things going on.

Most people I talk to feel more overwhelmed than overjoyed, and yet we are coming into the holiday season.

I am a celebration girl!

Most of you know that! And I keep thinking how, with everything going on, can I make my holiday season joyful in these times?

My choice is to first do my inner work!

And allow that to free me up for finding really “Beyond the Box” ways of celebrating this year!

What comes up through my inner work is where I am stuck.

Right now, I am searching for balance in my work life and my health.

So, I decided to do an Intuitive Wisdom Session for Myself.

This is what came up!

The first thing I saw was the image on the left. That’s me with a bundle of projects, and arms too short to hold it all.

I’m not yet sure about the image on the right, but I am exploring.

Then below are 4 little wormy kind of bugs. This are my paradigms that are hidden in my subconscious and yet they run me.

So one by one, I am drawing and having conversations with each one of them. This is my work and it is how I do my IWD with others, maybe you!

Want to see a real live session?

Join me for a Live Demo of an Intuitive Wisdom Session
4th Friday of the month, January – June, 2021, at 3:00pm Pacific

Go to our Facebook group and ask to join.

Or Click here to register to join us on Zoom.

The information you gain from a session can lead to the personal shift you’ve been looking for. It helps when you hear a coach reflect back to you your own internal knowing, but actually seeing it helps you experience your current situation on a much deeper level.

Watch as I create a custom intuitive wisdom sketch for our volunteer and then draw out her insights from the image. I’m always surprised and delighted at how revealing these sessions have been! It’s my unique gift that I am sharing as Intuitive Wisdom Sessions.

Want to Know More About Intuitive Wisdom Sessions and See Some Images?

Click here to read more, see what my clients are saying, and see some Intuitve Wisdom Session drawings I have done for clients.



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