Get Unstuck with Intuitive Wisdom Sessions

What is an Intuitive Wisdom Session and how can it help you get unstuck?

Have you ever felt stuck but don’t know why you aren’t moving forward? Have you ever felt physically ill while trying to make a big decision? And you still don’t make decisions to serve your goals or your business income?

If you just change your circumstances (the outer conditions), it doesn’t get to the root of the challenge. You need to go deeper to what’s in the way.

An intuitive Wisdom Session is an easy, fun way to help you do just that – go deep and unclog what’s in the way.

I did a 6-week series of Intuitive Wisdom Sessions on Facebook Live.

Rhonda Liebig of The Fresh Inspiration Show received a series of six Intuitive Wisdom Sessions on Facebook Live. Read the highlights of Rhonda’s journey here…

Rhonda’s First Session

During Rhonda’s initial Intuitive Wisdom Session, we built the foundation of possibilities for her 5-year life plan. I used my intuitive artistry to scribble a drawing as Rhonda talked about what was up in her life. It turned into a drawing that I showed her, and Rhonda got to interpret what the image meant to her. That opened up some insights for her.

In week 2

In Rhonda’s second Intuitive Wisdom Session, we started exposing what she needs to step into to get to her most powerful space. She looked at her image and chose an area to dive into more deeply.

She said that for her, the butterfly represented her thyroid, which she is healing. And the bull reminded her that she can sometimes be bull-headed. The heart over the bull’s face represented opening her heart more to allow new possibilities.

The night after that session, Rhonda woke up during the night and had a breakthrough in an area she was blocked in for years.

In week 3

That image from Rhonda’s second Intuitive Wisdom Session included an undefined shape on the left, so we explored that in Rhonda’s third session.

She saw a face in that dark undefined area, and described the feelings that went with it. As she spoke, I sketched a new drawing of this area. When she saw the drawing, she described what it revealed to her. Rhonda unpeeled another layer of the onion represented by that dark area, and with guidance, made friends with it. She saw greater health and aliveness, no more restriction, and with tears in her eyes, she saw how beautifully her thyroid is taking care of her.

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