Crossing the Bridge to a Brighter Future

Fairy tales often carry important life lessons for us. I am thinking of the bridge metaphor – the road or the journey form where you are now to where you would love to be.

Have you ever had a goal or destination in mind? You are on one side of the bridge and want t get to the other. But you see so many things in the way of getting to your destination.

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Do Obstacles stop you?

Have you ever gotten side-tracked by trying to figure out the things that you think will get in your way? Or things that got in the way already? Do you try to find a solution even before they come up? Has the thought of trying to surmount those obstacles ever made you change your destination? Maybe lowering your expectations of what’s possible? Then you feel deflated and disappointed?

Does the bridge or golden brick road can be riddled with too many things along the way that stop us. Do you get stuck in trying to figure out how to overcome them and can’t believe it’s possible?  Is it easier just to settle, to make do?

Are those obstacles just too scary? The idea of settling seems to be prevalent in our current times.

And you might not even be able to pinpoint when you are settling. But you can pay attention to our longing and discontent. Your longing will tell you where you want to be.

And when you give up on your dream and settle for less, you end up living a mundane life. And as Rumi says, if you don’t do what you come here to do, it is as you didn’t do anything thing at all.

Are you like so many of us who tend to be practical, to doubt our dreams and then abandon or minimize our dreaming to be more practical? Are you lulled by what is possible and practical? Have you lost your dream? Have you we forgotten what you came here to do?

Crossing the bridge anyway

Bridge to Your Next Act

But just like in the fairy tales, we can learn something along the way. Your demons along the way are actually there to teach us. The lessons we learn from them actually guide us to our dream.

Each one of us has a masterpiece inside us that we came here to do or express.

This is the time to look at what is yours to do, to discover or remember what your masterpiece is. It is what these unusual times have come here to give us – a chance to go deep to discover and uncover our masterpiece and to get the courage and knowledge to move into Your Next Act.

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