Relationships -The Messiest Messes

One of the messiest messes to untangle are the ones that often turn up in relationships, whether in romance family or friends.

It is hard for us, as Mat Boggs says, to see the frame if we are in the picture!” 

I would like to invite you to see the whole picture with an Intuitive Wisdom Session where you can begin to untangle what is going on. This process goes beyond the thinking mind to reveal your next steps to move forward.

My clients have told me this process is life changing because it helps them get to their own solutions that they have been struggling with – the ones  they haven’t been able to get their mind around.

With this new intuitive process I actually create a custom image of your situation and guide you toward clarity and breakthroughs so you can see what is in the frame.

It takes the guess work out of untangling messes, even in relationships.

Would you like to see a Live, mini-Intuitive Wisdom Session?

 On the 4th Friday of the month January – June,, 2021 at 3:00pm Pacific Time, I’ll be doing live demos on Facebook Live inside
our Facebook group – Mastering the Art of Life with Christi Corradi

Even though I am doing a session for someone else, many viewers say that they get insights and benefit, especially if they are struggling with a similar concern.

Click here to join to the Facebook Group, and watch live on the 4th Friday, of Feb – June 2021, at 3:00pm Pacific Time.

Want to Know More About Intuitive Wisdom Sessions and See What My Clients Are Saying?

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