How Do You Feel Loved?

February is the month of love, so we are focusing on the messy messes that can happen in relationships.

Feel Loved

This week’s tip is about 6 Love Supplies – the keys to how you feel loved. And you might be surprised to know that it’s not the same for everyone.

Whether the messy relationship in your life is in a love relationship, family, work, or other type of connection, research across various backgrounds, ages & ethnicities shows that each person has one or two ways that they experience love. Sadly, if you do not show them your love in that way, they don’t recognize your love.

Learning to “speak the other person’s Love Supply Language” is one of the keys to clearing up a messy relationship. You might be able to ask the person to tell you what their Love Supply Language is, or you might be able to tell by noticing the way they show love to you. Or you might notice how they respond to each supply.

These are the 6 Love Supplies the study discovered:

Being Listened To

Listening & paying attention without trying to fix the problem or thinking of a response.

Praise and Acknowledgement

If you notice them doing something well, mention what you liked about it.

Loving Touch

Appropriate loving touch is the main way some people feel cared for.

Being Supported in Our Goals and Dreams

Be a partner in believing for your friend, coworker or loved one.

Receiving Loving Constructive Feedback

Offered and received without judgment or attachment to the response.

Keeping Agreements

This kind of integrity speaks volumes to many people.

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