Bullet-Proof Confidence

How can you develop bullet-proof confidence? Here’s one client who did.

Live your dream confidence

Melinda was a young mother with a seven-year-old. She very much wanted a second child, but was not succeeding in maintaining a pregnancy.

One of the other challenges Melinda struggled with was that she had been the type of person who didn’t trust herself, but rather, looked to authority around her.

In her work with me, Melinda learned to listen to her own intuition and practice self-guidance.

During this time, she became pregnant again. Hooray!

But unfortunately, she began to see signs of another miscarriage.

She went to the doctor. They confirmed the miscarriage and sent her home with medicine to help her clearly end the pregnancy.

When she relayed the story to me a few days later, she said, “Christi, for the first time, I believed in myself, instead of the doctors.” Though she recognized the signs of a miscarriage, something was different.

She decided not to take the medicine, and went back to the doctor’s office the next day. They did another ultrasound, and there was a second embryo. The doctor had not realized she was carrying twins, and had she taken the medicine, she would have lost this baby, too.

She brought this pregnancy to full term and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. He became an integral part of our coaching group.

Miracle baby Owen

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