Drawing Value

Value in art is a great metaphor for values in our life. Drawing with white pencil on black paper is a way of drawing value. What does that mean?

This video demonstrates how my Intuitive Wisdom Drawing process works with the principles of art and life. We look at the value – the lightness and our personal values – and the shadow – what’s in the way to explore what we want in life and what is in the way.

In my work I use the principles of art to explore the principles of life to guide you in getting better results in your life, relationships, health, work or business. I do intuitive drawings for my clients to draw out their vision of the life they would love to live.

Want to See How It Works?

Learn about an Introductory Intuitive Wisdom Session with me where lead you through a proven process to sketch the idea of your dream life, and give you steps to get there. No worries – I do the drawing for you!.

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