Why Isn’t My Dream Manifesting?

You have your dream. You have set your intention. That’s planting the seed of your desire. But that acorn doesn’t become an oak overnight.

It requires patience. And it requires weeding out the negative thoughts that arise — doubt, uncertainty, impatience, and so on.

I remember my first job working in a movie theater. Not only did I sell the tickets but I turned around and sold the candy and the sodas when they came in the other door. I kind of like that job because I love people and I loved talking to people.

I remember waiting for that first paycheck and in my mind I was spending it and spending it and spending it. I can’t tell you how many things I thought of that I was going to buy with my first paycheck from my first kind of real job.

When that first paycheck came there wasn’t enough to cover what I had spent in my mind.

I’m talking about Form Fitting, chapter 6 in my book Beyond the Box. Form Fitting is about creating the form the container of support for you to create what you want in your life. Abundance, abundance of Life, of creativity, of fun, and yes freedom of money to be able to do all the things you want in life.

The Universal Law that applies here is the Law of Gestation.

 “When you plant the seed of your life design (the dream of what you want your life to be.), you need to be patient. Nurture it and let it grow. There is a time for every season.”

– Beyond the Box, chapter 6


Patience is not always one of my virtues but what I have learned is consistency in knowing the Truth regardless of appearance.

What does that mean?

When I set an intention like my intention to take a group to Italy for a very unique and transformative trip at the end of April and I had an informational event that nobody showed up for, I could have been very discouraged. But I told myself “all in good time.”

When you plant a seed for let’s say a cosmos, they actually sprout up quickly and easily and they grow into the flowers and they fruit. But if you plant an acorn, even though the acorn has everything in it that it needs to become oak tree, it doesn’t happen as fast as a cosmos.

When you there’s something that you really desire, the Universe already has said yes. The only time it stops moving in that direction is when you doubt it, when you stop it with your own thinking. Sometimes that means believing other people.

An Example: Travel

I plan to take a group tour to the Italian Riviera in April 2023. Some people tell me, “Nobody wants to travel right now. They’re still worried about the pandemic.” But I know lots of people who have just come back from Europe and I also know that I took a group in last April and everybody had a great time was fin. It was a life-changing event for so many people.

So the Law of Gestation is about patience.

The bigger the dream the more you need to feed, it nurture it, and not dig it up. Only dig up the weeds around it like all the negative thinking. You need to let it grow and nurture it. That means to provide it with fertilizer that’s good for it. Make sure you don’t have toxic soil – negative thinking and buying into other people’s beliefs of fear and devastation.

We are living in a very unique and unusual time with a pandemic and a financial crisis. Of course you pay attention to those and you act accordingly. But please don’t act from fear. Act from a sense of empowerment – the fertilizer, adding empowerment and life-givingness to the soil.

Another example

You want to be in a romantic relationship. You plant that seed of knowing the Truth of that relationship and you don’t go digging it up because you don’t have a date on Friday night. Every time you go oh see I don’t have a date on Friday night.

I’ve seen many of my clients set some beautiful seeds in motion and even taken some steps, and the result have started taking place but when it doesn’t happen on their timeline, they start to doubt, digging up the seed. But the acorn does not become an oak tree overnight. Part of the reason for that is that the bigger the dream the more resolve it takes to stay in thinking Truth regardless of appearance.

So this week, practice being patient and knowing the Truth that the dream of your ideal life wants you as much as you want it.

How do you know if your dream is worthy of you?

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