What you desire in your life already exists

What does it mean that what your desire already exists? There’s an episode of Star Trek — I love that series. In this episode, all of a sudden Captain Picard saw numerous Enterprises floating out in front of the Enterprise. Picard could see that those were all variations, different realities of the Enterprise.

That’s a fabulous analogy of what life is like. You actually have many different lives that are in existence right now. A lot of different dreams that are in existence now. And how you choose which one you live is through your thoughts and your beliefs.

How Do You Know the Difference Between Facts and Truth?

I’ve created 2 tools to help with that.

One it is the Feelings, Facts, and Truth workbook.

The other is the Erase 4Success board.

Erase 4Success helps you clearly see the feelings, facts, and Truth of a situation.

I include an explanation in chapter 6 of my book, Beyond the Box; Creative Thinking Expanded. Your desire, your dream for your ideal life is already in existence. But so are all the less desirable versions created by your doubt – created from a lack of self worth. So, it’s your choice of which one you activate.

This is a metaphor but the Universal Laws, the truth, the big T Truth always says yes. That’s just how it works. It always says yes.

Do You Mostly Look at the Conditions in Your Life?

That might be the bank balance or your health, all of those things you think are the truth. But really, they are facts.

Facts vs Truth diagram from Beyond the Box by Christi Corradi

In this image, the horizontal axis represents the facts or conditions in your life right now, like money, the bank balance, status quo thinking (the group mind or what people tell you), income, health, and conflict.

The ones on the vertical axis are the Truth with a capital T. They are universal laws, God, divinity: I am as abundant now as I ever will be. That means that Abundance is already in your life and can be your reality. It is my nature to be well. I am thriving. I am whole, perfect, and complete.

Now you may be dealing with a health issue like me. The facts include a backache. So I stop and look at my thinking. There’s controversy about this, but I know because I’ve had miracle experiences of this happening that my thoughts have created my experience. That is not to blame yourself. It is to reflect on the vibration you live in that attracts experiences and circumstances to you. If you know where you are now, you have the opportunity to make different choices.

An Example

A client of mine once rear-ended somebody while driving and actually hurt them quite badly. She felt terrible about it and asked herself how she could have done that. What was that about? I asked her “What were you thinking just about before the crash?”

She said, “Oh, I wasn’t thinking very good thoughts about myself.”

And if we really look at our thoughts, we may be surprised at the percentage that are about low self-esteem, doubt. Those thoughts create a result in our lives.

How Do You Remedy That?

Remember the Universal Principles that exist, always, and are always operating whether we are conscious of it or not. Just like gravity. We need to understand those Laws and tap into them.

Realize that this isn’t the result you want. Ask yourself, “What do I want? Then start inputting the Truth, the Universal Law that applies, to replace all of our habits, thoughts, and desires.

There are two kinds of desire.

There’s a desire where you envy what other people have.

And then there is a desire of the longing of the Divine to express through you. That is a desire you want to follow and let it pull you into the Truth of who you are and who you came into this life to be.

Here’s Another Example that Happened with My Son.

When he was learning to drive, he got to drive the family car in exchange for running errands for us. One day, he had to go to the store and he really didn’t want to. As he backed out of the driveway he was feeling huffy about running the errand. I hear this crash out in front of our house. He came running in and said, “I can’t believe that that car was in my way. It turns out the the car was parked behind him in the street, and he backed into it.

I asked him, “What’s the truth about this? He huffed and puffed and looked at me. Finally, he said, “I can learn from my mistakes. Pretty good for a 16 year old; I had been teaching him these Principles all his life.

This image Shows Another example.

Erase 4Success example-money

Facts: I’m afraid of not having enough money to pay my bills, the bank balance

The Truth is that we live in an abundant universe. There is abundance all around us.

We have to practice remembering that. We have to practice it in order to look beyond the appearance that I don’t have the money.The Truth is that I am always supported by the universe.

I’m doing a class right now called Miracle Manifesting.

It’s really about how to connect into the Universal Truth. And the Truth is, we are all abundant.

I have miraculous things happen in my life all the time. When the appearance is of lack, the Truth is abundance.

Another Example

Fact: I’m feeling devastated by the end of my relationship. The fact is that the relationship ended.

The Truth is nothing is bad unless you call it bad. How many people do you know who went through really bad breakups, and what came out of it was miraculous and better than they could ever imagine.

Your thoughts create your experience and your experience causes you to move into action and that action becomes the circumstances of your life.

This is a deeper understanding than making something happen. It is deeper than all of that.

So, I invite you today to live beyond the box, beyond the thinking of other people.

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