How Can I Be Truly Free?

Clue: Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. — Buddha

Chapter 7 of my book, Beyond the Box; Creative Thinking Expanded, is called The Texture of Life. It’s one of my two favorite chapters.

My book uses metaphors to explain life principles using art principles because I am an artist.

What is the texture of your life?

Think of basket weaving or knitting or anything that creates a form through layers.

When you weave a basket, you create the form. The metaphor here is that the form is a container that you pour your vision, your dream of your ideal life, into.

But when you make a mistake in knitting or basket weaving, when there’s a flaw in it, if you keep going, then you have to unravel everything in order to go back to fix that problem or that mistake.

You may ask yourself, “Why don’t I leave it in there? Well, as a metaphor, I want you to think

about all of those beliefs and thoughts that run in your subconscious that you aren’t aware of. Like things that happen to you as a child, in school that maybe were not the best support for you.

As you go along with life, you can absorb those experiences and they will run in the background like malware on a computer, gumming up the works.

Back to the metaphor of the structure of the basket, it is the form that compromises the aesthetic as well as possibly the container to be able to hold and put your dream in.

Using this metaphor, you have a chance to see how things from your past affect you, even if you don’t necessarily remember what they are. You don’t need to analyze it all. Just step back and look at your thinking and your current circumstances. What influences your life and your actions in the world? They are often based on beliefs that you no longer need to hold.

A friend of mine knits incessantly.

Yesterday when I was visiting her, she had a mistake way down in her knitting. She pinned it and went back in with her needles and instead of unraveling everything she was able repair that mistake.

Blame can represent when we make a wound or a mistake. That might be blaming something, someone else, or yourself for a mistake without forgiveness.

In the same way as that knitting mistake, many of your experiences get stored or even stuck in your subconscious and get woven in to the structure of our thinking and belief system. It might be well-meaning parents, well-meaning teachers, people really having your back. But they weren’t always skilled.

And so when you learn to go back and look at things that you need to let go of, you have an opportunity to forgive. Then we instead of throwing that hot coal at someone else, you are using that coal to transform yourself.

I realize that I’m mixing my metaphors with weaving and hot coals, but what I want you to know is that when you start doing this kind of work, this practice of forgiveness and letting go of blame, you practice through experiences that you remember, before moving on to experiences you don’t remember.

I had some experiences when I was in high school that still run me when I’m not conscious or haven’t healed it or haven’t replaced the thoughts of it. At those times I still need to go back and look at it. Who am I still blaming? Oh my gosh, they’re not even in my life anymore and I’m holding this hot coal trying to find them to throw it at them. Instead, I can just bless them and myself, and realize that they were not capable of better at that time. I can remember that I am now a conscious spiritual being, making conscious choices to live my life in this moment.

That’s what creates the texture of my life.

If you want a strong support, you need to un-weave those old false beliefs. You need to replace them with the Truth with a capital T. You need to learn the skill of doing it without having to unweave everything. And eventually, what happens is exactly that. You can see and feel when you are moving in the right direction.

You don’t need to go back and find out what that is anymore. You get to replace it with a thought of celebrating yourself, celebrating everyone around you, and creating replacement thoughts.

What are the things that are holding you back? What are the mistakes you’ve made in your basket

container of life? Think about the texture of a basket. This is the texture of our lives and you can take some of those mistakes and make them into beautiful things.

When I taught art to at-risk youth, I would say, the first time it’s a mistake, the second time, it’s intentional.

If you like the pattern or the design that you create out of it but the number one thing is you must be noticing. You must be conscious. You must be aware.

Try a new habit.

Start to think about what you need to let go of in your life that’s keeping you from exploring and experiencing your greatest freedom. Then replace that roadblock with a thought of love, caring, and forgiveness.

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