How to Create Lasting Changes in Life and Business

Have you ever made some really great changes in your life and then you backslide right back o the same place?

For example, maybe you got a new job or maybe you even did some emotional work where you cleared out some of your old habits, your old thinking that was running you. But then months later, you find yourself right back in the same place.

I have tips for you to help you create lasting results in your life. And today’s tip is about spiritual consciousness.

In chapter 7 of my book, Beyond the Box; Creative Thinking Expanded, I describe the 4 stages of spiritual consciousness. This is one of the keys to create Lasting Results. This chart, used with his permission, was created by Michel Beck at Agape International. This chart is a tool to help you create lasting results in your life.

How you can move through these stages and create lasting results in in your life?

Whenever you feel like a victim, like things are happening to you, you probably feel out of control overwhelmed, and that the people and events around you are creating your destiny, your experience of life. Guess what? You can use this chart to start changing that perception so you can feel more in control of your own life.

Moving from Stage 1 to Stage 2

What do you need to let go of in order to move to the next stage of Spiritual consciousness? It’s blame and shame. So much of the time all the time, when we are a victim, we are blaming either ourselves or something outside of ourselves. Whenever you are in blame, you have the experience of having no control. And really, when  you think that way, you don’t have any control. You’ve given up all your power to being a victim, to being an overwhelmed to being in struggle. All of these things are ways to actually keep you out of. creating differences in your life that create lasting results. Next week I’ll share a forgiveness practice and the law of forgiveness. For now, this is the tool you can use to move through these stages.

For example, maybe you’ve been in a car accident where somebody hit you. You are the victim in that circumstance. What are you going to do to stop feeling like a victim?

Ask yourself, how can I let go and move on? The main way you can do that is through forgiveness. In a course that I teach called Miracle Manifesting, I use this term all the time: “Bless their heart.”

Do you think anybody really intended to hit you in the car? It wasn’t accident. It was not on purpose. So, can you move to a place of saying, “Well, bless their heart. I forgive them. They didn’t mean to do that to me and even if they did mean to do that, I’m going to take responsibility for my own life.”

You still need to contact the insurance company and take all of the steps to move forward. Then you are empowered, no longer a victim.

So, you stop being a victim by using the Universal Laws or Universal Principles. Every chapter in my book is based on a Universal Principle. And chapter seven is on forgiveness.

Forgiveness means seeing wholeness in everyone and everything that happens. You need to move to “by me”, to take charge of your life. When  you have a foundation built of Universal Principles, you’re able to control your thoughts and your life. It’s actually through your thoughts that you change your life. Because your thoughts become your emotions, and cause you to move into action. And that action creates your result. This is always the same.

So you make the change with do affirmations, vision boards, look at best-case scenarios, call a friend, whatever it takes for you to move into feeling powerful by use of Universal Laws.

And then you experience the power to manifest. You can learn more about that in my course,  Miracle Manifesting. I’m teaching that course for just this reason. Because when you really understand the laws that are required to create manifestation, let alone miracles, then you begin to have the world at our fingertips.

So moving from Stage 1 to Stage 2 is about controlling your thoughts, which gives you control of your life. And we cover that in the course. I help students really look at the way they speak and alter it so that they create the changes they want in their lives.

Moving from Stage 2 to Stage 3

What you have to do here is to give up control and power. Wait a minute, I just said, you are gaining the power to manifest and now I’m saying to give up the control and power. What are you giving it up to? You give it up to a higher Source, whatever you call It. You give it up to  a higher source, to that universal law that is at work all the time. And it’s just like understanding gravity. You give up control to the way gravity works, because you can’t change gravity. And when you understand how the Universal Principles work you give up control to them. In this step you let Life move through you. This stage is where you are a vessel. And what you do in this place is speak as Sspirit. How Spirit speaks and acts. And this is giving up all control: It is not I but God that does the work. Or Universal Source or Spirit, whatever you choose to call It.

Moving from Stage 3 to Stage 4

In this step you move to “As me.” I’ve talked with Michael about this and many people go in and out of this stage of “As me”. It’s where you really experience your oneness, your Wholeness with the Divine; you act as the Divine moving as you in the world. Of course, some people can do this better than others. How did they get there? They practice, practice, practice.

So, what can you do today?

Start where you are. If, like most people, you are in Stage 1, you start by letting go of blame and shame so that you are no longer the victim. Take a look at the idea of the law of forgiveness. And stay tuned for next week where we will be talking about the law of forgiveness.

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