How to Create Miracles in Your Life by Adding Sparkle

Do you create miracles in your life?

Want to know how?

One of the steps is to add Sparkle to your vision. Here’s how…

Miracles can come true. Is that happening in your life?

I want to share some tips on how to create your own miracles in your life.

I created masterful Miracles all my life, but I didn’t know how I did it.

Then I discovered I discovered the system to creating Miracles.

Today I’m sharing about step 2. I call it Sparkle.

When you create an idea of something that you would love, you’ve got to create it in a way that it’s got so much Sparkle about it that you can’t stop dreaming about it and loving the idea of it when it comes to fruition, that it’s just the most exciting thing.

As an example, here’s what’s going on in my life.

My husband is looking at retiring soon. He’s been making sure our finances are in place. We started doing some financial visioning. Every day we read our vision and then choose 3 things that we could do today to move in that direction.

Today it was a very simple thing. I had signed up for something on the Internet and didn’t realize I’d signed up for a subscription. I was getting charged for this every month. I needed to cancel it. I kept telling myself, “I’ll get around to that. I’ll get around to it.” That was a simple thing to do toward feeling prosperous and secure so that my husband easily retires and feels comfortable in his retirement.

What Does That Have to Do with Sparkle?

A big Sparkle and great miracle that we manifested recently was building a detached apartment on our lot for our son and his new wife who were living with us. We dreamed it and we knew it and we acted and we did all of the seven steps that I have discovered as the system to miracles. It definitely had the sparkle to it. And guess what happened? All the money we needed for it came to us from an unexpected source,

So we are going to live in New Mexico for 6 weeks during the summer to make sure my husband can really stand the heat there before we commit to the move.  For us, that adds real sparkle to our vision. We’ve already set up automatic payments for our bills, so that makes it easier for a long vacation there to really explore where we want to live.

So if you want to manifest a miracle in your life, then find the sparkle in what you want to create.

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