What Goes Around Comes Around

I bet you’ve heard that before. It’s usually not in a positive way. More like, “That person’s going to get what they put out there.”

But I want you to know that that is actually one of the the universal principles that if you really learn the secret behind that law it can really create a powerful experience in creating your life as a masterpiece

These articles and Christi’s Clarity videos are based on my book, Beyond the Box; Creative Thinking Expanded. And this week we’re on Chapter 9, In Balance. It’s about the Law of Reciprocity

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This past month I have been having some really enlightening experiences and awareness, especially this last week, around this whole principle of the Law of Reciprocity

It’s not just what goes around comes around.

It includes serving others and allowing yourself to be served.

Because when you are served you are actually doing great value to those who are serving you and most of us are out of balance here – only giving – especially those of us who are entrepreneurs like me.

If we allow our clients to serve us through their insights, experiences, testimonials

and what they pay you, you are simultaneously serving them.

Here’s a quote in my book by Ernest Holmes who wrote The Science of Mind:

for every visit so this is what goes

For every visible form there is an invisible counterpart.”

What does that mean?

What we receive corresponds to what we imagine and believe we can receive.

My mentor Mary Morrissey always said, “You cannot get TO your dream. You must come FROM your dream.”

You must live “as if” in your imagination which is one of your strongest mental faculties. You must know that you are already there. That’s called your mental equivalent. You must be in the mental of equivalent of already have having received what you want. You that present-tense language in your mind even before you’ve received it. You need to be in the frequency of “I am the woman or the man who is…” in the present moment.

It’s good to make a container of support for yourself. Have a friend, loved one, someone who can believe it with you without injecting doubt or concerns. My husband and I do this every morning together. We are so happy and grateful now that we are… and we go on with our vision of the life that we want to live as though it were real in that moment. And at least for that five or ten minutes we are in that frequency of it already being done.

How does that relate to having others serve us?

Remember the Golden Rule. Another way to say it is: What we do to others will be done also to us. That’s also the Law of Reciprocity.

So why not just give all your stuff away for free?

Well, think of the stories of kids who grow up rich and have everything given to them. They usually don’t have the chance to develop the muscle of the Law of Abundance.

The Holiday Season Is a Great Example.

When you buy a Christmas present or a birthday present for someone and you know that they’ll really love it it’s a win-win. You pay the vendor and they get to continue serving. If it’s a craftsperson you are serving them so they can continue to be creative and serve others. And you get to bring that creative thing into the life of whoever you’re gifting it to.

That’s what I call living your life as a masterpiece. Just imagine if you could live your whole life as a masterpiece. You would be a gift to everyone around you.

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