The Wind Doesn’t Blow

Did you know that the wind doesn’t actually blow?

​What do I mean?
The wind is PULLED into a low pressure front.

Why should you care?

If you can become like the Wind, like the low pressure front, everything you need will come to you.

It’s a great metaphor for one of the steps to creating miracles on demand. Instead of pushing to make things happen, you need to be at the frequency that draws your vision to you.

Think of it when you stand in the wind. You feel It blowing on you, but it’s actually pulling to its purpose – the low pressure front.

Everyone is here for the same purpose: to somehow discover and find their own unique gift, their inner Masterpiece, to bring into the world.

How do you do that?

Usually people make a business plan and they have to have everything outlined. They figure out how to make their goals happen. But that’s like standing in the way of the flow. Sure, you need to do those things but you don’t need to know the big HOW: how am I going to do that?

You see the low pressure front is like your dream life or business, like the vision you have for what you want to do, be, or achieve. Once you create your vision and live in that frequency, that belief that you already have it, then everything – whether it’s the business plan or the resources or whatever – is going to come to you.

But if you say to yourself, “I’m not going to live my dream live, my inner masterpiece, until I have everything set in place, then you are blocking the wind that is trying to bring it to you. If you have the basics down are stuck in the HOW it’s going to happen, or you think you need to be all ready before it can happen, then the wind has to flow around you, and that’s called struggle.

So if you’re struggling in your life, become the low pressure front

Instead, if you can, do that several times a day. Just be in the vision or the dream. Think or say to yourself, “I am the person who is living the brilliant life of…”

Really feel it and put it on and walk around in it as often as possible.

You can set an alarm on your phone or whatever it takes.

Because the question HOW is the number one thing that will stop you from living your dream, your Masterpiece. I’ve had times in my life like that. We all have. We have thought about what gets in the way, why isn’t it together. What can I do? Here’s a tip:

You can take one step at a time

You can ask your higher power what is your next step that you can do today. Don’t ask the big HOW. Keep pulling the wind toward your Vision

You can be stepping out of the way of allowing things to come.

For example, I’m taking a group of people to Italy next April and I don’t yet have the minimum number of people that I would love to have for that amazing trip. it’s very different than any other tour programs

If I slip into doubt that it can happen, I might start to panic and thinks gosh maybe I should cancel. There’s part all of us have that goes there.

But I wouldn’t need to cancel until the deadline I have for the hotel and transportation reservations. But that’s not even in my Consciousness. It’s just a safety that I put in place. So I remind myself that I am the low pressure front.

I took a terrific group to the same area last year. Our dinner on the last night was with my husband’s Italian family who invited us into their home to eat. The family asked me to bring another group this year. That’s the mental frequency I tune in to. I stand in it and step out of the way and just ask what’s my step. Then I found this great travel site and people are sharing their stories. So I started sharing my story of last year’s trip. If people in the group love the stories I share, they’re going to be attracted to the kind of tour I offer. They are going to know that my tours are a unique experience that they’ve ever had.

So what can you do to be the low pressure front?

First of all dream it. That’s in the first four chapters of my book and the first 4 months of this series.

Second, get out of the way. That’s the next four chapters of my book

Third, create it. That’s the section we’re in now. Bring yourself into balance with what is flowing to you, step out of the way and ask what is my next step.

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