Can You Turn it Around?

Every day you get hundreds or even thousands of thoughts from outside you. They come from the media, from people, from everything around us. Then there’s our own thoughts and programs in our heads. And not all of those thoughts are positive.

So What Do You Do When You Have or Hear Negative Thoughts?

You can pause, reflect, and turn the thought around.

Watch the video for a couple of fun examples.

Yesterday afternoon I had a scratchy throat and by the end of the day, a slight fever. People around me said, “It’s probably the flu that’s going around.” I started to buy into it, and then turned it around to, “I am well.” And I woke up the next day feeling great.

Another Example… I was attended an event and was supposed to have an unknown roommate in the hotel. She didn’t show up, so I decided to sleep in the morning. But I was awakened at 6 am to loud giggles and talking coming under the connecting door to the room next door. I started to get perturbed, but could hear that it was a bride and her friends getting ready for her wedding that day.

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