You’ve Got Rhythm

“Life is about rhythm. We vibrate. Our hearts are pumping blood. We are a Rhythm Machine. That’s what we are. “ Micky Hart, drummer for The Grateful Dead

What kind of Rhythm are you dancing to?

The Rhythm the drummer always has the beat. Your heart, your breathing, all your body’s functions have a rhythm. Your mind does as well. It has a rhythm or vibration. What kind of rhythm or vibration are you bringing into your everyday life? What is the feeling tone you are immersed in every day? Manifesting is all about the rhythm within you.

In my book, Beyond the Box, chapter 10 is about Rhythm.

The book is in 3 parts: Design the life you want, find out what’s in the way, and create or manifest that life. Rhythm is essential to creating or manifesting the life you would love to live.

Changing your thinking can change your feeling and so change your experience.

I teach from the spiritual laws. There is only one law: the higher power or love or whatever you choose to name it. There is only one power. When we look at the laws of that one Power, we’re looking at different ways to access living from Principle, living from Divine Truth. Today we’re looking at the Law of Success. All of us want success in life. And one of the places to look at it the Rhythm you live. What Rhythm are you dancing to?

That rhythm is created by the overall “flavor” or your thoughts. How often do you look at or think about your thoughts? It takes practice and is well worth the effort. I call it thinking by choice, not by default.

Your thoughts come into your brain or mind. But before we think them, they go through the filter of our emotions. That’s why I’m asking what kind of Rhythm you are you creating. Your thoughts move you into action. Then the actions cause results.

So How Do You Make That Flow Go In a Positive Direction?

I do intuitive wisdom drawings and I had a client the other day who looked at the drawing I did for her. She said “Oh wow. I am contracted in that area.”

You can get those types of “aha” moments or awareness from an intuitive

wisdom drawing, and you can also can practice it on your own by noticing your thinking. Just stop periodically throughout the day and ask yourself, “What am I thinking right now?

Here’s an example.

I have a cold today. My thoughts about that fact will affect my emotions. I can listen to people tell me that there’s something going around and get discouraged  that I’m not well. Or I can celebrate that my body is developing my immune system. I can say thank you divine for providing me with everything that I need.

And that emotion moves me into action like taking a Wellness formula and other good support like rest and hot lemonade in a mug that says the best mom ever. That lifts my emotions instead of moping and staying in bed all day. I would have done that if I needed to, but my body woke up at 7 this morning and said yippee we’re going into life today!

So ask yourself from time to time, “What are my thoughts. What vibration am I dancing to right now?” And look at what vibration you are you living from.

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