The Rhythm of Success

By our nature we are successful.

So what’s in your way?

Ask yourself, what rhythm are you dancing to? Does it feel successful?

Did you know that success is all around you?

Abundance is all around you. Joy is all around you. Perfect health is all around you.

Sometimes people don’t like to hear that.

You can change your results by using the power of our thinking. If the general flavor or rhythm of your thoughts is about “It happened to me.” Or “You are to blame.”, that’s called victim thinking. It is giving up your power to circumstances. What does that mean? It means that, yes, stuff happens. AND you get to choose how you think about it and how you respond to it. Even when it feels like you have no choice, you always do have a choice about how to respond, not react. It takes practice, and it isn’t easy to shift it, but it Is very possible.

You can choose instead to remember your connection to the Divine. You can say, “I know that in the eyes of the Divine I am perfect and I am listening and I have lessons to learn and I am open to learning what is in my way of accessing success.”

Even if you have no idea what that is, just being open to seeing more to the situation, you are shifting your rhythm and your reality.

Raymond Hollywell wrote a book about 100 years ago called Working with the Law. In it he explains the Universal Laws and how to use them. Because the book was written so long ago, the language is a bit archaic for us, and I teach these Laws in a more modern language.

Basically, the Law is always operating and always responding to the general “flavor” or rhythm of the way you think, whether it’s positive or negative.

Hollywell says that it is our divine nature to be successful. We weren’t put here on this planet to fail, to be a failure, to be in poverty, or to be sick.

You may have gone down a slippery road to get where you are now.

For example, right now I’m in a healing journey through a cold. I know that I create miracles in my life and this just happens to be one of them – getting well quickly and easily.

How do I heal myself? I connect to the Divine and ask what’s in my way, what do I need to let go of now. If I feel like a victim because I’m sick, I can’t heal anything.

You might think that this stuff doesn’t work, but it’s worth a try to test it out. I still take the appropriate actions like drinking plenty of fluids and resting and taking a COVID test. If I need to, I’ll call the doctor.

What if you begin thinking of yourself not as ill, but “I have an illness. I am not my illness. I am Divine.” What if you start with that and then actually talk to it. Maybe the illness is asking you to slow down a little. Or to get a checkup. Your intuition can tell you if you listen.

In my work I do Intuitive Wisdom Drawings

In those sessions, I do the drawing; they get the insights. Clients look at the drawing and I guide them to see their paradigms and what they are still trying to teach them.

So who cares if it’s true or not that we created this or that. You are responsible for your own life. That might make you feel kind of crappy, but you don’t have to go down that road. You can use that truth to start making positive changes because you know you have the power to direct your life.

I believe it’s true. I can see the changes in my own life. I used to live in a world of poor little me.

Here’s another example.

Let’s say you’re driving and someone cuts you off on the road. You can think, “How dare they!” Think about the vibrational frequency of that thought. At worst, it leads to road rage. Even when it doesn’t, and even if the other driver is oblivious, your energy becomes negative, and you might arrive at work in a bad mood, and that can affect the whole day. Sure, you don’t deserve to be cut off, but that isn’t a helpful thought. You can move from there to knowing that there could be all kinds of reasons for their behavior.

When something really needs to be changed, you change from a place of Love.

So what do what do I do when people cut me off from the road? I say to myself, “Bless their heart.”

One of my goals in life is to show how, in every situation, it’s possible to change your thinking to knowing that you can create the life we want by noticing and changing your thinking. Just think if we all did that how it would change the world.

You can change the world through your thought. At the least, you will change YOUR world. If you bless their hearts, the ripple effect you create will be positive.

You might think that would make you a Pollyanna. But wouldn’t it be better to spread positivity than negativity?

I make change in the world not only by people being in my presence experiencing the joy I live from but also in people that don’t even know.

I am the Divine living its greatest life here on Earth.

You are the Divine living its greatest life here on Earth


So this week just pay attention to your thoughts, and when you catch yourself being negative, see if you can find thoughts that really bring you Joy.

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