Do You Have Choice in Your Life?

The creative power within us takes what we put our attention on and that’s what’s created in our lives.” – Christi Corradi, Beyond the Box, Chapter 11, Main Emphasis

Your thoughts create your experience. What you give attention to is what you create as your life. When I think about how to describe it, my favorite word is volition

What does volition mean?

It means choice.

Did you know that the Universe, the Divine, whatever you choose to call It, does not have volition over your life? It doesn’t make the choices over your life. It is almost like a machine that just says yes to you, and yes to your predominant thoughts.

So whatever you are thinking, whatever you are paying attention to, more of that gets created as your experience. That’s why this chapter in my book is on main emphasis. It’s basically what we pay attention to.

But there’s bad stuff happening.

People often comment that there’s a lot of bad things that happen in life like crime, disappointment, and loss. That’s true. Stuff happens. AND we get to choose what we do with those experiences and facts.

For example, I’ve lost both of my parents. It was very sad when each of them died and of course I went through grief and felt deep sadness. Yet it was one of the richest times in my life. I chose to feel deeply, to feel the love of my parents, to feel the lifetime we had had together, to feel the feelings of life and to feel the feelings of death, and to deepen my own individual awareness as I went through the grieving process.

I know that life is eternal even when it changes form, so I could console myself with that and remember that there’s always some connection with the Divine and with my parents, even if it’s just the things that I learned from them. I could have been sad and gone to bed for weeks until my but instead I choose to celebrate their lives and their passing.

Wallace Wattles, who wrote The Science of Getting Rich in the 1920s, says the creative Power within us makes us into the image of that which we give attention to.

So the question is: are you noticing what you’re thinking?

Are you noticing the thoughts that are creating the experience that you’re having?

There was another death in my life that was very traumatic. It happened years before

my parents passed. And I did go into the deep depths of despair. And if my husband hadn’t been there to catch me, it could have been really bad. So in moments of being unskilled we can choose have people around us to support us and we can choose to make a different thought, a different understanding of how we want to show up in the world.

So, ask yourself “Would You Love?”

If you have choice and to create what you want via your thinking, what would you choose?

The answer I hear most often is abundance.

It’s not really the abundance you want.

It’s what it brings you, which is freedom and creativity. So why not go directly to that? Go directly to what you think abundance would bring you or allow you. What would you love? Freedom and creativity to bring your gifts into the world? To travel and experience other cultures? To spend time with a loved one? To retire?

We are human beings walking on this human Earth in human bodies, following human laws like the law of gravity that keeps us grounded. There are other scientific laws that govern our physical world.

And there are also the spiritual laws, the spiritual principles.

Those spiritual principles govern the unseen side of life, and also what shows up as our reality.

One Universal Law is The Law of Gestation, which tells us that when you plant a seed, you don’t dig it up to see it grow. You water it. You weed around it. And you are patient, trusting that it will grow. It’s the same with changing your thinking in order to get a different result. You instill the thought that you free and creative to bring your gifts into the world, that you are a world traveler. Then, guess what?

You’re in this physical form so you have to nurture and feed that dream of what you want. You need to repeat it, repeat it, repeat it. You have to leave it in the soil to start growing.

Changing a Habit

You’ve probably heard it takes 21 days to change a habit well I have a program on my website called 21 days if it’s a real simple habit if you are really consistent and keep your mind focused on the change. For most of us, it’s more like 90 days or more, and to keep it going, you’ve got to continue to practice, to stay in the work. You need to continue to remember that thing that you wanted to create.

So every day say “I am the person who..” and fill in your dream or new habit in the present tense as though it were already true, like “I am a nonsmoker.”

When I lead travel tours, I always take time before or after with my husband, and sometimes my son and his wife, to stay and enjoy ourselves and relax. I usually choose someplace sunny.

So remember when stuff happens, you have choice. It isn’t happening TO you. The Universe says yes to your thoughts, so CHOOSE how you want to respond. What are you thinking? Even better, what are you choosing to think?

This episode of Christi’s Clarity was released on February 3, 2023.

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