Are You Throwing Out the Good?

When I was a little girl I loved going fishing with my dad. I was the only one of us four children who would get up early in the morning and go out fishing.

I remember one day my father and I were out fishing and we looked at we weren’t catching anything. And the guy down the way was catching fish and he would measure them with this little measuring stick. If a fish was bigger than that measuring stick he’d throw it back in. My dad and I were wondering why he was doing that. Were the big ones too grisly?

I was a chatty little girl so I wandered down the shore and I said, “Hey sir looks like you’re catching lots of fish.” He looked down in his bag any said, Yup, it’s been a good morning.” I said, “I noticed that you’re keeping the small ones and throwing the big ones back. Are the big ones not so good? Or are we not supposed to take them?”

He said, “Well young lady let me tell you. This here stick is the size of my frying pan.”

You may have heard that story before. But I really did go fishing with my dad.

What was in that guy’s thinking?

Didn’t he know that you could cut up the fish and put it in the frying pan? Why was he limiting himself to the small ones? That’s limited thinking. And unfortunately, we all do it from time to time and may not even know it.

Why am I telling this story?

Chapter 11 of my book, Beyond the Box, is Main Emphasis. In the book, I use the principles of art to describe the principles of life. And the main

emphasis is what are you thinking, what you are putting your attention on. And the fictional guy in that story who was throwing back the big fish was focusing on the size of his pan, which limited the bounty available to him. What a great metaphor for how our thinking affects our experience.

So ask yourself, “Where am I thinking small?”

And why? Probably because somewhere along the line you believed it when somebody told you it was true. You grew up believing that’s the way it was. And you even saw proof of that that’s the way that it was.

Last week I talked about how you have volition; you can choose your thoughts. By choosing your thoughts, you create your experience.

I’ve heard people say that they’ve tried it one day and it doesn’t it doesn’t work. And it won’t. It takes time for that new seed to take root and grow into your experience. For more on that, watch last week’s video on the Law of Gestation. You have to consistently repeat your new belief for it to grow.

I remember when I first started going to study this way of thinking more than 30 years ago at a Center for Spiritual Living down in Southern California. I started going to the classes, and the next step was to become a prayer practitioner in the philosophy. I didn’t really want to be a prayer practitioner but I did want to embody this way of thinking. I wanted to live it in my life. I didn’t want to live by the status quo thoughts that had been programmed into me up to that point.

So why are thoughts from your childhood are no longer serving you?

It’s the physiology, in the way the brain develops. As we’re growing, up our frontal lobe is not developed yet. We are supposed to get the best information to help us grow and thrive in life through the people that are raising us – through our parents, our teachers, and so on. But even if they were well-meaning, not all of us had skilled parents and teachers, so a lot of what we absorbed as true wasn’t really helpful. A lot of it wasn’t true. A lot of it came from the way they thought about the world.

Now that we have quantum physics, we are discovering that there is more to this expansive Universe than we ever imagined before. We are starting to learn that your thoughts really do create your experience.

So you have those old-patterned subconscious thoughts that are running you and you don’t even know it. Then you’re not living your life to the fullest.

So what can you do about it?

Practice noticing the unproductive thoughts, and then practice changing your thoughts to something more productive.

I like to think of an old-fashioned dial thermostat where you can turn the dial up as a way to dial up your thoughts to a higher, more helpful frequency. I can have a higher

function of thought. The brain was developed for survival. You’ve probably heard that about stress. But most of us in the Western world are lucky enough that we don’t really live in survival.

By the time you reach 27 or 28 years old, you start to be able to think for yourself. It’s easier to make decisions based on your own new thoughts and no longer on those thoughts that were programmed into you. You can re-program that frontal lobe, similar to  updating your software or removing malware. That is part of your decision-making ability. But most of us don’t know it and just take for granted everything that we learned from our parents our teachers, from society, and so on.

What are some new thoughts that you can think of now?

One of the ways that you can really turn up the frequency is through giving to places that you want to experience that Greater Joy. For example, I have a friend who loves dogs, so she goes to the local shelter to cuddle up all the little puppies that come in. Some people that like to go out and fix hiking trails so that people can walk on them out in nature.

So think of what it is that you can give to, something that you love and that will expand your new thoughts your new experience and allow you Greater Joy and gratitude and happiness? That takes you to a much higher vibrational frequency than thinking everybody else’s thoughts that are programmed into you.

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