Gratitude Makes All the Difference

Fill me with gratitude for all You give. May I be a vehicle for You wherever I go. May I be grateful for every blessing and know Your abundance as my own self. Open me to my own inner Divinity and awaken me from sleepwalk of being only human.

– from Tasha Silver’s book It’s Not Your Money

Today I’m sharing a tool with you that can help you create more Mastery in your life.

I teach a course called miracle manifesting. My business coach came to it and said what I love about this is not only learning the tools but we practice it and be in it and repeat it repeat it repeat it. She’s going to take the class again to really get it inside her.

The practice is Gratitude and Proud-of

It weaves a beautiful cloth. What do I mean? When weaving on a loom, there are threads in 2 directions, called the warp and the weft. The warp is like the gratitude part of this practice. The proud-of is the weft. They combine to create a receptive vibration for your meeting or event or your day.

When you say something you are proud of, it’s not something like, ”I’m proud of my son.” Rather, you are proud of how you parented your son. It’s something you have done that you are proud of. The weft is created by a shuttle that goes back and forth. That’s the actions you take in your life that actually notifies the universe that you are the person who is in action to move forward in your life.

So you share one thing that you’re grateful for and then you share one thing that you are proud of. It doesn’t mean that you’re not grateful for a ton of things in your life, but you are voicing one thing in order to set the tone or vibrational frequency. (Last week I talked about the idea the Gratitude is the frequency of abundance.)

Here’s an example.

Your Grateful For and Proud Of don’t need to be related. But this example is.

I am grateful for my puppy, Ruby. She’s a three year old mini Aussie.

I’m proud that I paid attention to my longing that I wanted another dog instead of just like hanging out in the sorrow of having lost our previous dog.

So I want you to think right now of something that you are proud of.

I am so grateful for my husband. I am so grateful for my home. I am so grateful for my fireplace that keeps us warm in the winter. So think of something and say it out loud.

And then say something that you are proud, of something you have done that you’re proud of.

I’m proud that I made it out of the house today. It can be as simple as that. I’m proud of raising my son. I’m proud of how our relationship goes with my husband and my part in it.

Try this as a daily practice and watch your life change. Notice the lifting in the vibrational frequency of your life as you incorporate this practice into your life.

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