Are You Getting Messages from your soul?

Continuing our journey through my book, Beyond the Box, we are on the last chapter, Bringing It All Together!

Did you know that your soul sends you messages?

These are messages from your inner Self telling you that you want better for yourself, that you want to expand your experience in life.

That’s how to get the answer for what you are meant to do

Pay attention to these 2 important messages: your longing and your discontent.

If you have a longing within you, it’s a message from your inner Self.

For example, if you are discontent working an 8 hour day, your soul is telling you that it’s time for a more expansive way to earn a living.

You longing tells you what you would LOVE to have your life be like.

Maybe you long for more freedom in your time. Maybe you want to write or create or…

What not pay attention to it and be open to opportunities to start living it?

That doesn’t mean quit your job. It means start paying attention and be open to ways to move in that direction while you are working a job to support yourself.

How do you know if it’s a “good” longing?

Any longing that is for the good of yourself and others and the harm of no one is a good longing.

Watch the video for more information on using these messages to break through to the life you would love to live.

How can you get in alignment with your Self?

  • Pay attention to your longing and discontent.
  • Ask yourself what action you can take today to move in that direction.

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