What’s Your Focal Point?

Not everyone is the same, but we often compare ourselves to other people. What’s the benefit in that?

Today I’m talking about Focal Point, chapter 12 of my book, Beyond the Box. This chapter is called Composition. And guess what – there is not just one composition. there is not just one way to make a beautiful piece of art, and there’s not just one way for you to show up in the world. In fact, you are unique.

You are an expression a unique expression of the Divine (or whatever you choose to call It). Just like your thumbprint, each one of us has a unique imprint and you’re here to make a unique imprint on the world.

So why am I talking about focal point?

There are different ways to create a focal point in an art piece. And also within yourself.

No doubt you have noticed that not everybody wants to change the World or be a life-changing Power – like politics or bigtime innovators.

But no matter what you do, you have an impact in the world, even if it’s to the people you encounter day-to-day. No matter what you do, you impact other people. No matter what you do, you impact yourself.

So you want to be really conscious and careful about the impact that you are making on your own life in, the world, or with others.

Here’s a story about how different we can be in the world

I used to live in Seattle and one day, this guy come to my door. He asked me to sign a petition – something about environmental good works. He kept trying to convince me that I should sign his petition. I told him that I didn’t want to sign it without being more informed on the issue.

I know where I make a difference in the world.

I like to work one-on-one or with small groups, or what I called the micro level, rather than the macro level. I’m glad that there are people out there who are willing to do the research and are willing to learn about it, but I work on the micro. I know that I make a massive change by doing that.

He didn’t agree with me and really thought I should sign the petition. But I was sure in and of myself. I want you to be sure of yourself too.

You can change ourselves.

When you change yourself, you change others. You can even change the world. If you follow me, you know that that the vibration of who you are changes everything. Remember the butterfly effect – when a butterfly flutters its wings in South America, it affects the weather in England or other places.

So when you take care of yourself, when you do your own inner work, you are changing others and changing the world. When you focus on your own problems, you add to the problems of the world.

For example

I’m teaching a class starting this week, and I started focusing on  my wish to have more people in the class because I wanted to share my message more. But I realized that I was focusing on what I don’t want. And that means I’m creating more of that sense of lack.

So I changed my thinking around: I am so grateful for everyone who’s enrolled because that will be learning to change their lives through my program. And they will be changing the people around them. When I show up as who I am, other people get the vibe off of me, and it changes who they are.

I had an experience yesterday where I fell prey to somebody else’s energy and I had a full intention to work with a new meditation practice, and somebody else’s energy hit me and I let it get the better of me. I didn’t realize it right away. I forgot. We do that all the time. So I walked out of the event and reflected on what had happened. I realized what was happening and then I could return to the Truth of who I am and then choose what to focus on.

I am a people person. I love being in the presence of other people. So what are you going to do when you get slimed by someone’s energy?

Ask yourself, “What is my focal point?”

Are you working on healing yourself? What does it mean to heal yourself? You will know when you have healed yourself, when you live in Bliss and joy all the time. That’s not impossible, because that’s a tool you can rely on.

My focal point is on doing group work, teaching classes, doing my intuitive wisdom drawings for other people to bring the joy of healing, revealing the truth in order to be able to create a new vibration.

I am so grateful that my husband also likes to do healing work. He works with people with disabilities. He also has his eye on the environment, on the things that need that greater change.

If I did that work it would bring me down. But what can do is hang out in a high vibrational frequency and still know I make the changes in the world and that’s helping people remember to be that presence in the world that they want to see in the world.

So this week, ask yourself what is your own focal point?

Bring the vibrational level of being that up to Joy. Feel Joy and live the Truth of who you are. By doing that you are making a huge difference in the world.

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